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    Money is coming from trees ?

    During my childhood days, when children were asking for money, elders used to say money is not growing on trees. Those days in villages the people used to give vegetables and fruits which were available in their garden to each other free of cost and very few people only were selling them. Those days money was a very rare item. So the concept of the people those days was that the items coming from the tree were free and easily available whereas money was a rare commodity.

    But if we actually see the money, it is in transaction in the form of notes. These notes are being printed on paper. This paper is coming from wood and wood is coming from trees. So when looking into this we will say that the money is coming from trees only. Do you agree?

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    Everything is changed. Money has become more valuable than everything else in the world. In earlier days, people lived selflessly and cared for each other. Whatever grew in excess in their farms or gardens were distributed to everyone else in the village. This give and take policy was adopted in general, and hardly anybody cared for money as we do now. In those days, every basic necessity was fulfilled without the money. Now money is everything. A single glass of water could not be obtained in absence of it. No one in those days would have thought that money would be essential to quench the thirst and feed the hungry stomach.

    Yes, in those days as well as now, this line is very commonly spoken that "money is not grown on trees", especially to kids who ask for money. However, if seen from the money-making aspect, it is trees which help in the process.

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    Earlier people used barter system where goods were exchanged for goods and thus everyone was happy about getting or sharing things as everyone had or got things that he needed. With the introduction of money and taxes, people became more reserved and sharing reduced as they had to pay for it. Many things that were given for free were used to make money. With taxes on it made it more worrying for farmers and people as the cultivators suffered but the middleman enjoyed it. I have this, "kya paise ped pe ugte hai" which means "Does money grow on trees?" When we talk about the process of printing money, then yes it is made from trees as the paper is its product but when you go to its literal meaning, It is hard work, commitment, responsibility and dedication that helps us to make money.
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    We can see that everything in the world has changed due to the increase in criminal cases and most of them are involved in making money. When one person makes money, another one will follow these steps and tend to make money at any cost. The value of their relationship is reduced and they tend to do anything against money. In old time we used to exchange goods and take back the goods which we are in need and at that time there was no money or coin introduced. When money came into the market, the greedy of the people has increased and for everything, if people have money, many believe that they can lead a lavish life for the coming generations.
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    In earlier times, money was not as much important as today. That time, goods exchanged system was there. Mostly people used to exchange item. People would get basic item free of cost. In those days, people would serve to other people selflessly. But now, situation is totally opposite. If you are thirty then you can't quench your thirst without paying money. Today, money is all in all. Money is more expensive than life. In some cases, it has been seen that People are being killed for the sake of money. It has been common saying for kids " money is not grown on trees". When they ask for money . This line is used for showing scarcity of money.

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    Money can grow on trees that does not mean in letter, but we have to take it in core spirit.
    There are cash crops like rubber, cashew, Coconut, etc whose products can be sold for cash. Cashew, Mango, Jackfruit are all fetch cash for the growers. Palm oil is from Palms.
    What our elders meant when they said 'money does not grow on trees' is that making money is not easy as shaking a tree and picking the fruits falling down. It needs hard work and consistent efforts.

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    In the past, most people depend upon agriculture for their livelihood. So used to exchange with the things that they have grown in their field with others. By working hard, they were able to grow crops or produce from different plantations. By selling those things they used to get money. If the children demands for money, elders used to tell without their hard work day and night one cannot get money easily from the plants. If they don't work hard there is no yield and there is no money.

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    I agree that the currency notes are produced from paper which is made from wood and eventually the wood comes from trees. So ultimately currency notes (money) is coming from trees.

    But if you observe the practical aspect of nature, you can see money is "Actually" coming from trees. Trees giving us fruits, vegetables and wood. All of these is having a value in terms of money. So if you trade these things derived from trees, money is really coming from trees. If you act smart and harvest some cash crops such as Cashew Nuts or Alphanso Mangoes, you can generate a handsome income from trees. The Sagwaan wood is an another example to give you hefty money.

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    Money is not grown on trees but the paper which is used to make money is from the trees. We can clearly understand from Smitha's story, on utilising paper. These days there is very less value for currency as digital transactions are more. When we do out to buy vegetables, the seller has the Paytm, phone pay or other online modes transactions than the regular currency notes.
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