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    When you feel lost and have no idea how to deal with it

    Have you ever feel so lost that you cannot even comprehend what you are doing with your life?
    Have you ever felt like the world is speeding around you but you have come to a standstill?
    Most people whether they are students, employees, or even actors (with emphasis to what is happening now) feel like this at least once in their lives.
    From my personal experience, I recently started feeling like this, after I got admitted to college.
    Initially, I didn't understand why I was feeling so depressed all the time. I got good grades, went to a prestigious college, had friends, participated in many campus activities, and even talked to everyone. Then slowly, I started finding faults in everything happening. All of a sudden my friends started mixing with others and I became separated from them. Then all my activities went on as usual but I didn't find any fun in doing them. and lastly, my pride for the fact that I had worked hard to get admission to a well, reputed college dissipated.
    In the end, I became just a shell of a person I used to be- with no ambition, no wish to make any new college memories, and no joy to what I had started to like.
    Just like any average person in this generation, I took to google - and was surprised to find that what I was feeling actually has a medical term.
    It is known as 'Social Withdrawal'.
    the internet definition for this is - when you slowly start avoiding activities and people you usually enjoy. It might arise due to what's happening around you, or might be because you cannot connect with anyone. in my case, it was the latter.
    My financial background caused a huge virtual rift between me and my college(including my friends). And it happened totally in my head. No matter how welcoming everyone was , and how fun my college days were, to me my mind kept chanting 'I didn't belong here'. that's when everything went downhill.
    If this condition is not treated this can lead to major mental problems like depression.
    So I dealt with it the only way I knew how to- I talked to my parents, then I talked to my closest friends, and then ultimately I took a step back and reviewed my life.
    I can't say I've completely healed, but I'm in a better position and I know I have people to take my back. In an extreme case, I would have visited a therapist or talked to one of my college therapists.
    If you've ever felt like this at some point in your life, I humbly request you all to share your story in this thread.
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    Shamie Dasgupta,
    Firstly, I do not know whether you are M or F. By your name Shamie, I can assume you are F. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Secondly, I never experienced the thing that you experienced in your life. I think seriously about the God-created creatures in this world. All are not the same. As long as we have our parents, siblings and children, we need not worry much about others. A friend today could be an enemy tomorrow. Be righteous and move on your own path. At the time of difficulties, just smile and walk.

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    When we feel that we are lost, we will get depressed and our mind will become inert. We can't think and we can't act. We will become clueless and we don't know how to deal with it. When somebody deceived us we don't know whom to believe and whom not to believe. In such case, we may have to go for meditation or start watching some funny movies or have a light reading. Then we may become a little better. We should start thinking that whatever happened has happened and we can't reverse it. So start thinking about how to minimise the loss and how to restore normalcy. A close friend or a family member's association may give you some encouragement in such situations.
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    The people will be different and we cannot judge a person whether he is good or bad. Some give happiness and some give pain. Maintain your positive thoughts and always try to be positive in life. God created this world and only God knows when to retire from life. Don't get into depression mood, try to talk with a person whom you are more concerned and that person can give good advice towards your future career. A friend can be enemy at a later time and don't count for more friends, rather have good people around you always.
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    You are absolutely right about what you have mentioned at the beginning of the thread that almost everyone has faced such a situation in life. Maybe it's a part of our lives and coming out of that situation would make one stronger. The present situation can make you more depressed but you need to be realistic. You are a good student, scored really well and got admission to a reputed college. Mind it, you have a goal to reach because of which you have worked so hard and you have to focus on your goals. Think of it as a path to your destination and you should not bother about what others are feeling or thinking about you. Neither you can control others' behaviour nor it is possible to do that. You can only control yourself and in fact, we all can control ourselves only. I think you have started feeling that others are looking down on you and think you are not worthy of something. Everybody is unique and no one is average and education and scoring good marks is not everything in life. During this period when colleges are closed indulge in your hobbies, talk to your parents and friends and don't be in a haste. Maybe you are thinking too much about what others are thinking about you. You need to stop your mind to think such things. The present situation also has something to do with your situation. You may go through this article How students can deal with common issues to make their lives easierto see if it helps.

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    First of all, I welcome you to this site known as ISC. Hope that you would be going through the rules, regulations and policies of this site to work here in the best possible manner. As regards your narration, it is normal to have such bizarre things in this age when one is going for college education and has started thinking of his or her career. Sometimes setbacks come in life but we have to sort them out and again start our journey of life. Stay here, contribute and all the best.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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