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    Which color would you like to add ?

    VIBGYOR, where v stands for violet, I for indigo, b for blue, g for green, y for yellow, o stands for orange and r for red, are the colours of rainbow is known to everyone. When it's seen in the sky a wave of happiness starts flowing in the body and we rush with our cameras, mobile phones bare footed to absorb the beauty of the rainbow in our hearts. There's a different enthusiasm in kids for a rainbow. They start shouting and calling their friends, other relatives and even acquaintances so that they couldn't miss the beauty of this nature. A reflex smile spreads on our body and we try to see it as many times as it is visible without blinking our eyes.

    If it ever happened that you are given an opportunity to add a new color to the rainbow, which color would you like to add and why ? There are many colors which aren't a part of the rainbow like borown, magenta, pink, purple etc. Adding a color to the rainbow may infuse a few more colors in our seasonal cycles and the mesmerizing nature can be more hypnotic.

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    I am sure,If we add a maroon colour to the rainbow below, it would look excellent and beautiful. VIBGYOR can be spelled as VIBGYORM. Eight colours in a rainbow will be bright with a good effect to our eyes. I have the same colour for my dear Padmini.

    Who will tell the creator of the Rainbow to add this colour?

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    I would like to add Marine Green which is a medium-dark shade of cyan. The colour has a soothing feel and is absorbed by the eye. It gives us a calm and cool feel and I tried it in our hall. The feel was very good and I would like to add it to the rainbow colour. I don't know how the name of it will be added in the VIBGYOR list but this will be the 8th colour to be added if given a chance.
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    The rainbow looks good as of now. If we have to add any more colours to it then the colour order arrangement has to be shuffled and the new colour has to be accomodated in such a way that it brghtens the rainbow more. I would like a parrot green in between red and orange .

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    The rainbow has its colours derived from it. Like VIBGYOR it is having all the unique aspects of the colour. I would like to add a Rose colour between the Green and Yellow.
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    Scientifically, a normal white Sunray gets reflected through a prism we will get seven colors as mentioned above. Our eyes have the ability to observe those 7 colors only. Thus these seven colors form the visible part of the spectrum. Red, blue, and green are primary colors. The mixture of different colors of different proportions will get a different shade of colors. If the Rainbow has a chance of another color it would be a maroon color to see much more beautiful.

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    I feel the concept is very clear. The above seven colours when mixed will be white. If we add another colour to these seven colours we will not get ultimately the white colour. You may leave with the colour what you have added. It may not happen so if the wavelength of the colour you are adding is between red and Violet, you may have white colour only. Then the concept of the white colour is a mixture of 7 colours will become a mixture of 8 colours. Anyhow, I am happy with 7 colours and I don't want to add any colour. 7 is a lucky number for me. So I don't want any change.
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    I love watching the rainbows and saw one today only. A beautiful image I am attaching here for you all. If I would be given a chance to add colour to it, I will go for Prussian blue or metallic blue. I also like peach colour- a bright colour that expresses happiness.

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    It's pleasant to know that everyone has added the colors at a perfect place and have made a more soothing rainbow. The colors depict how bravely we can handle a particular situation and how beautifully we can pass it with flying colors.
    The rainbow pic sent by Padmini ma'am is really beautiful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this pain to send us a pic of lively rainbow. It's really mesmerizing.

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    I would make no scientific explanation because it's not my subject. The author had asked us to add any colour of our choice to a rainbow, well I would go for a bright chocolate colour. I like the colour very much, and I think a splash of the chocolate colour would enhance the beauty of a rainbow. Chocolate colour gives me happiness, so a rainbow with that colour would make me happier.


    Thank you for the image. It's beautiful.


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    Adding colour to the rainbow is really something we have never heard as we add colour to our paintings and artefacts. The natural things have their own colour as it is and I think that is the beauty abound in nature around us. I am afraid by adding a colour to the rainbow I might make it less spectacular. Still, given a choice and chance to do so, I would go for light brown colour somewhere between orange and red.
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    The rainbow is a natural phenomenon still, people would or may like to see it in a different form suiting to their colour choices. Every individual has different colour choice and while grey is the best for some of us others would go for maroon or blue. So there could be innumerable combinations which can be thought in place of the present natural one. Only thing is it should be soothing to the eyes and more attractive. My only apprehension is that after doing all sort of the permutation and combinations with the colours of choices of different people we may again land back to the same pattern that exists today as most of us would opine that the natural one was the best. So I would say that I like the colours of the present rainbow as it is and that is the best and excellent art form that nature has bestowed to us I would not even imagine to adulterate it with my brush and colours. Let the nature's painting remain untouched and unaltered.
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    When man starts to fiddle with God's canvas and nature's natural beauty, the innate charm of it and the joy we get on seeing it is gone forever. I would not like to even mentally visualize a change in that arch in the sky. Just see Padmini's photo - who would want to change that?! It would be like using some software to dab in a new shade and ruin it.

    I remember mentioning in the forum some years back about the unique experience of first seeing three rainbows when I had gone on a trip and the next day seeing two rainbows in the sky back home. That experience will forever remain etched in my memory - five rainbows within the span of two days; the same sky, different places.

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    When we add a colour to the rainbow we add a color to our life. Who knows after some years from now we get to see a new colour in rainbow. Some initial secondary colors which might not be presently visible to us due to many abnormal phenomena.
    Although it's a scientific fact that a white ray of light splits into seven colors but who knows the further discoveries may lead us to some new colors which aren't visible to us now and may the wish of your color gets fulfilled.

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