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    Children would learn what they see and not what we preach them

    Children have a tender mind and soft body. We love our children and preach them many things as how to behave with others, how to welcome a guest, how to talk to our elders, how to behave in public or in crowd, and many such other things which we feel necessary to learn for their future. Children might do what we tell them to do and to some extent follow us also in these aspects. But at the same time I have observed that they would many times do what they want and also what they have seen others doing. If the elder brother takes some money from the pocket of father without telling which is practically an act of stealing then the younger would be curious and thrilled to see that action and soon would try to mimic it. It is natural human tendency to copy bad things and vices quickly but ignore the good things. It is somehow embedded in the character of many people in this world. What is your observation in this regard?

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    Children are the keen observers but not keen listeners. By observing keenly they try to imitate each and every one in the home and even do the things as done by the others. I have seen some children dressed like their mom used to run the home the way their mothers used to conduct and that is really pleasing to see such nuances of the children who imitate the style of walking, the style of saree wearing and even the style of talking and all these are keenly observed by them and hence perform to the core . But being a non serious listener , the children often get bang from the teachers and they also complain that the child is not giving proper attention in the class. Some students are averse to others preaching of the topic which they do not like and thus tend to behave like not listening and get punished. This is the reality of children.
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    Children in their young tender age are keen observers of everything. So the environment in which they brought up will influence very much in their behavioral growth. They follow their parents, neighbors, friends, and elders in their behavioral aspects. So it is very important for parents to see such a good environment prevails around them. Parents and elders must become a model for their children to follow and imbibe their good qualities. Parents must always watch their children carefully so that if they try to learn any bad things can correct them. Really it is a very tough task in the present generation and environment to bring up children to our expectations. As today's children are so much pampered by parents and elders, children tend to make their parents obey their demands.

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    Children learn by imitating and following the acts and actions of elders. They will get confused if we do not act as we preach to them. They will lose trust in us and will be confused. They may not follow what we preach but which they do not see us doing.

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    True. All the children will try to imitate their elders. They will never do what we say. But they will see us and learn from our moments. So what we should do what we tell to our children.
    Oneday A mother brought her son to Sri Rama Krishna Paramhamsa. She asked him to advise her son not to eat jaggery. That boy was fond of jaggery and every day insists on eating that. Paramahamsaji asked her to bring her son again after a week. She took back her son ad again brought after 7 days. Then Swamiji advised him not to eat jaggery as two much sweet is not good for health.
    Then she asked Swamiji why he took one week time. The reply given by Swamiji is to be noted by all elders. He said that I had the habit of eating Jaggery. In such a case, how he can be advised. Now I stopped eating jaggery from last one week. and now I advised him. All parents should follow this. Whatever we say to our children, we should also practice. Practice and preach is the correct way.

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    If children are seeing something but we are teaching them something else then they are intelligent enough to select the former and mimic it for us. We might be surprised to see this but remember seeing is believing and they would do what they believe.
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    With the responses of the members I can now say that we should keep a good moral behaviour in front of the children so that they also learn it and adhere to it.
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    We cannot think that the children are not noticing us but though it seems to be they are not noticing and playing, their entire attention is on us. It is similar to that the housewife normally correct in switching off the gas stove by counting the whistles of the cooker among her work in other concepts. Children should be brought up with well manners by taking them to temples, by telling religious / spiritual stories, with well manners like inviting guests etc., We, parents, should be as a model for them to follow such good manners rather than telling this and that. On no account the parents insult the children by comparing with others.

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