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    Reading newspaper or watching news channel- What do you prefer?

    This is not particularly about this Corona period and I am asking in general. I prefer reading newspapers than watching a news channel and there are many reasons for the same. I can read the newspaper as per my availability and I can directly move to the page of my interest as the newspapers have predefined pages for different domains like for local news, international news, sports-related news, etc. The newspaper also comes with other things like puzzles, zodiacs, jobs, etc. Whereas while watching the news channel, we need to change the news channel as per our interest and then advertisements we need to focus on equally. News channels exaggerate the news many times and even share the same news again and again that finally after getting irritated I switch off the television. So, I am really happy with my newspapers, what about you!

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    I prefer reading newspaper than watching a news channel. The newspaper gives the details of the news in a concise way and important details will be discussed. But in the news channel, they will be repeating the same news, again and again, saying it as a piece of breaking news. They will call some local political leaders and say a big debate. After seeing that debate we may get an aversion to watching the TV. No point in the discussion except blaming is each other. The newspaper will be at your disposal. You can refer whenever you want. The newspapers generally give correct news only and there are some standard new papers wherein unless otherwise it is confirmed, they will not publish the news. More reliable. But if we see the channel we get the news much before they come to newspapers.
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    Watching TV channels for long is strenuous. So we would sit in front of TV for some time and getup. As the channels have breaking news and scrolling various news bits, we get the latest from TV channels. But as TV channels have to manage time slots along with advertisements, everything is limited. We may not get more details.
    Newspapers are good forgetting details and to do a repeat reading in case we have something to clarify and refer.
    Moreover major TV channels do not cover micro events and happenings at local level. These are covered by newspapers. Hence I subscribe to two newspapers- one Malayalam newspaper and the other an English newspaper.

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    At this point of time, journalism has lost its glory and the Fourth Estate once treated as the fourth pillar of our democracy is under repairs with the advent of the corporates and politicians started working for it as a business model.

    Coming to the point, reading a newspaper would be more beneficial in the present scenario as we get more details, can skip the news item, and go for another one while you have to continuously watch the News channel to view the complete detail even if the clipping is not interested.


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    If a comparison is there, I prefer watching news on television over reading a newspaper. This is because newspaper cover news of previous days and link them with future while on television we get to know about the live, present and the latest news on every topic.
    Also, while reading a newspaper we can't perform any other work along with it while when we are watching news on television we can go ahead with some other household work like chopping vegetables, dusting etc.
    Although I love to read the editorials of newspapers as I find them interesting and full of new vocabulary which enhances knowledge.

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    TV news is like a trailer. Newspaper is like a full film show
    TV news is a pleasure to look at the newsreader and hear. A newspaper is not a pleasure reading. We need to strain our eyes.
    TV news is fresh and fast. A newspaper brings delayed news on the next day.
    Look at TV and read newspapers, and enjoy life.

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    To get full details of the news items we have to look for news papers. In TV news we can get only brief information of the news items. Now a days we have lot of Apps. for news papers. Through that we can read any regional and national news without spending a paisa. Many news papers through their Apps. giving minute to minute updates of news. So I am using E-papers facility to get news without buying any news paper. I watch TV channels for mostly news and live Cricket matches. I watch news debates also on TV channels. Reading news papers will help to improve our language skills. Especially students have to read news papers to acquire communication, vocabulary and language skills.

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    I prefer reading News Paper because it is having a good set of news and we can find long detailed news on it. We can gain knowledge by understanding the terms mentioned in it, but in TV channels we only get few breaking news and there is no much time for all programmes as each program has predefined time in it. Reading News Paper is a good habit in understanding the language and can improve our language to an extent.
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    I prefer both. At home, I prefer watching the news but not the complete news. I like to go through the headlines and nowadays, they have come up with top 100 news in 30 minutes. It covers international, national, state, local, sports, movies, music, events etc. I watch the news channel in the morning and do follow up on the same with the 100 news in the evening. It is only for some important updates that I again watch the news channel. I don't watch all news channel as many are biased and provide news favouring certain group or political party thus watching a neutral one is best. If I don't get time to watch the news channel or am travelling, I prefer buying a newspaper and read it. Earlier, we use to have a newspaper delivered to our home but now we stopped it and buy only when we have some important news or things in it. While travelling, it helps to provide some relaxation with puzzles, crosswords, etc.
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    Once upon a time I was the avid reader of the newspaper because I used to write letters to the editor column expressive my views or complaints on some one or some thing. Invariably my letters to the editor has appeared in Times of India and other Telugu newspapers. But at the advent of television, my preferences to watching news live has increased and I have even discontinued writing letters. Now it has become a necessity for me watch the Telugu news in the morning first hour and while going to bed I used to watch the national television for the whole day news and also hot discussion on the day's burning topic. But we cannot undermine the newspapers even today as many elders have the point to read the same from first page to the last page for whole three hours and they learn from every page reading.
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    I like newspaper to know the news. I read several newspapers online.

    I don't watch news channels especially debate because they choose sensitive issues instead of important issues concerning common people and I've observed that most of the people are carried away.

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    For headlines or some national issues of importance I sometimes peep into the idiot box but not more than that. Newspaper has no substitute. I wish we should have audible newspapers for the elderly who find difficulties in reading the small print. May be through their mobile devices. If they are already there members may please mention it in their response giving whatever details they have about that. I prefer newspaper for many varied reasons like it helps in improving our vocabulary, helps in improving our english, there are many sections in a newspaper and one can choose from it, and so on.
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    I love to read newspapers. I do watch some news channels, but it's not so engaging as a newspaper. It's not about current affairs only, but news in print has various sections, and I can go through it according to my preference. There is no schedule, so I can read it whenever I wish to do so. Reading helps to learn the language better. So for me, it's newspaper all the way.

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