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    Then they will have no jobs

    This is not related to the present pandemic, not even regarding the less creation of jobs. It's something to do with human nature. You might be wondering what human nature has got to do with joblessness. See, nobody wants a person to lose her/his job but if the situation is such that there is no requirement for some jobs then what can we really do? We have no option left in that case. On one hand, you will like the situation because of which the jobs are not required but on the other, you have to find an alternative for the people who are losing their jobs.

    Now let me tell you about the nature that I am talking. Most of us are peace-loving and do not like troubles. Peace-loving is human nature and we also wish that others who indulge in criminal/anti-social activities join the mainstream leaving the path of crime. It's a wish that you will find everywhere in the world. It's a wish that everybody should abide by the law and for that many sensitization programs are organized by the authorities. Few people change their attitude and the rest remain almost the same. A day may come when, after a lot of persuasions everybody starts abiding by the rules and do not indulge in criminal activities. I am sure it's a dream come true for all of us. Where society is free from any criminal activity, where every citizen strictly follows the law. What will happen to policemen then and what will be the job of the lawyers? When there is no policing required and no lawlessness I am sure the jobs would be just a token. If at all this happens, what may be the job of the policemen and lawyers?

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    We can always have Utopian dreams. But if every one of us wants to make it happen we can do that. It is not that impossible.
    Our ancient texts say that such situation was prevailing in the SatYuga (Kruta Yuga), the first of the four '"Chatur Yuga" That was the Yuga of Truth. It is believed that the 'Dharm' (righteousness)was perfect then. There were no crimes. In each subsequent Yug, the Dharm declined by one fourth. Now at this present Kali Yug it is just a quarter and thre fourth is adharm(Adharmama).
    Just as we hear 'herd immunity' in regard to Covid, regarding Adharm also it has to peak and then the herd immunity comes. That is the cycle of Yug. At the end of this Kalii Yug, adharma will peak and then there will be a great destruction and things will once again start with a new Sat Yug.
    Great people take birth at times and they make some change in the minds of people and try to bring back righteousness. In the absence of an 'avatar 'we can be almost sure that such a situation of complete truth and perfection will not happen. We may need more policemen, more doctors, more lawyers etc

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    An ideal situation. But it is an impossible issue to have an ideal situation in this world. In Chemistry we all studied that no gas is an ideal gas. Same is the case here also. So we need not worry that everybody will become good and there will not be any jobs for police and layers. In the near future, we will not see that situation. Lord Krishna came on to this earth and he has seen that all evil forces will go away from this earth. I think again another avatar of Vishnu has come that is Kalki avatar and then only we may see criminals will vanish. As long as the present political system prevails and as long as people are after power we can't see any improvement. But we all should wish that no criminal activities should be there and no criminal should be allowed to kill an innocent guy. But we hear a lot of here and cry even when a criminal was killed in an encounter.
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    It is like you want to see only happiness, not the sorrows and worries in life. Life is a mixture of happiness, sorrow and worries. It is like the up and down waves. If there is no wave, the sea won't exist. Life is like an ocean, and the events are like up and down waves. If your wish or dream to see a world without crime, we need to amend and remove the words opposite to positive words. I mean, all the negative words should not exist in our dictionary.

    Life won't be interesting without crime or policeman or court and lawyers. Life would be boring, and we won't know what is happiness.

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    From the replies, it is understood that they will neither lose their jobs in any way nor their presence will be a token in society. What I mentioned in the thread was just an idea that we all wish but unfortunately, the situation is such that it is hard to imagine a crime-free society.

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