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    Pocket-size carrier or store room?

    We have cupboards, shelves, cabinets, storerooms, bags...plenty of varied spaces to keep things at homes and offices. There is even the glove compartment of a vehicle and under the seat trunk there is space on a two-wheeler.

    Coming to the self, look at the pocket-sized storage space, namely the pocket. Most shirts have at least one, trousers will have two, jeans and cargos a number of them perhaps. Consider the function of these pockets. They are meant to hold our money, a handkerchief, wallet, keys, pens, mobile phone, and so on. More often than not, though, they turn out to be not just a useful carrier but a mini-sized storeroom! Why I am saying this is because we often end up leaving things in them and forgetting about them. It is when we go to wash the garment we will find a few coins or a handkerchief, maybe even the cupboard keys. And woe betide you don't realize it before it goes into the washing machine. If it is something metallic left behind in the pocket, you know the noise it generates, not to mention the furious shouts that will emanate if the machine conks out!!

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    If metallic things are in the garments, it may damage it. The wear and tear cannot be rectified later.

    This situation is easily managed by the housewives. They check all the pockets before taking it for a wash. They may be lucky sometimes to get money or unlucky, just to get some bills but men are very careful, not to keep any things inside the pockets. A well-disciplined person always clears his shirts and trousers whenever he wears and puts them for a wash.

    I hardly could get anything from my father's pocket, while I took them for washing but only once I could get Rs.5/-. If we get money like this, we will feel very happy. My mother could not get for several years until then.

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    True. It happens in my case regularly. Whenever I go to the temple, I have the habit of collecting a small part of the Kumkum in a piece of paper and keeping the packet in my pocket. very often I forget it and they get washed. Also, another bad habit is that the notes returned while shopping are kept in the pocket and not in the purse I am carrying. Sometimes luckily they won't get mutilated after washing.

    I think I am being exposed of my bad habits myself very frankly here, so don't want to add further.


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    True. You are right. During the lockdown, I hardly wore my pants. Yesterday, when I thought of wearing my pant to go out and get some provisions, I happened to see my pants rear pockets. I really wondered with the fourth pocket that I never used it. I always use my left and right side pockets, and the rear right pocket. I never used to think about the left rear pocket. All my pants have such a pocket, but I never had an occasion to think that pocket for any use, I don't use jeans to have many pockets.

    This proves that I am fully a right-handed personality. Frankly writing, I never allow my shirt or pant pocket to be a storeroom. As I undress, I ensure that my pocket is emptied.

    Something to share, think and respond:
    Yesterday, I bought and brought vegetables home. I also brought some note books for my daughter who is working from home. Immediately, on my arrival home, my wife asked me to keep the vegetables in the sink to have them washed. Along with the vegetables, I took out my Mobile phone and Money purse and the notebooks I bought for my daughter, and asked her to wash all of them. She just smiled and kept mum.

    Now tell me. Can't our Mobiles and Money purses carry viruses home? Don't they need a wash with sanitizers?

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    It is true that when we travel to someplace, we tend to forget our essential valuables with us. Those who are using the washing machine can check into the pockets whether the material is placed inside the pocket. For every shirt and pants, there are small pockets where we can place some valuables in it. The wife can manage such problems and check all the time before getting into washing the material.
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    Well, it depends. Many people have the habit to keep things in places which are not meant for it. It's a part of the habit and when you put small things inside your pocket and forget to take it out it can always create some trouble. I remember one incident that happened with my cousin who kept one important document in the pocket of his shirt and forgot to take it out. After searching thoroughly the document couldn't be found and the torn and damaged one was discovered after the shirt is washed. It came out during hanging of the shirt after washing. It's better not to consider the pockets as a storeroom because in that case there is every possibility of the storeroom getting damaged under the pressure of the things kept inside.

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    Many times it happens. We will leave handkerchief or some notes in the pockets. These days generally we are not carrying coins. But sometimes we will leave important papers which are required for some points in our office. I did this mistake many times. Fortunately, I never forgot the keys.
    Once I left an Rs.500/- note and the servant-maid before putting into the washing machine seen that and gave it back.
    I never go for a T-shirt without a pocket. I feel I am handicapped if there is no pocket. Generally, I carry a small pocket-size book and a pen in my pocket. After performing morning puja, I take a flower from the puja area and keep it my shirt pocket. In the evening I will just give it for washing without removing it and the servant-maid will wash without removing it. That is why many shirt pockets will have colour patches. This is a matter of discussion between myself and my wife. But I can't give up that habit.

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    Pockets are convenient things for the storage of essential things when we go anywhere. But filling these with manthings will make me very inconvenient. So I always used to keep only few important things. After returning back to home I will check every pocket and then I throw it into the cloth bin. But when sometimes we are under pressure of work we may forget things in it and throw it for washing. Sometimes we may forget to remove handkerchief or identity cards or bills or even sometimes money. It happened a few times with me also but usually, I will be careful in this aspect.

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    Earlier I had the 'safety pocket' or 'ticket packet' while I was in Mumbai. Most Mumbaiites travelling by local trains know the importance of this 'safety pocket'. The tailors used to add it as a mandatory accessory earlier. Even then I used to keep my money at different places. A little in the shirt pocket, a little in each in pants pockets. And some inside my brief case or bag. Thank God (and people) I had not lost a penny in Mumbai.
    But in my present place they do not add safety pocket.. So I have to be a bit more careful. However here I can carry a purse (wallet) in my poked. But a few times coins have fallen when I bend for some purpose, and my mobile phone also had fallen from pocket. Once my two mobile phones fell don and got damaged too.
    Bu regarding washing there is a double check in my house. When I drop my shirt or pants in the laundry bag for washing, I check my pockets and ensure they are empty. When my wife takes them out for washing she also rechecks before dropping into the machine. We learned a lesson after a coin got drawn into the inside of the rotor and had to call a mechanic to take it out.

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    I recalled an enjoyable discussion that we had some years back on Where the handkerchiefs vanish?. Ruined currency and important documents are the real horrors of forgetfulness!
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    By reading this post the author recalled my past experience of leaving the things in the pant hind pockets and forgot to take out but gave the same for washing. Fortunately the washer man found some papers and he returned it and that was my company bills. Likewise we keep loose currencies and change in the pockets and fail to take out and that goes for routing washing. After that I made the habit of searching every pocket before giving the same clothes for washing and thus so far nothing lost. But many people got their handkerchief also washed along with the pant clothes by default.
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    The first thing that I check while buying new readymade pants is the safety pocket or "Chor pocket". I do not like to carry full cash in the wallet or pocket, I keep them in the safety pocket or my bag. I am more convenient to carry a bag with me and usually keep my wallet in them as it is safe. I have seen many people who use their pockets as storerooms to carry cigarettes, lighters, ghutkas, handkerchief, pen, comb, mobile, wallet, tissues, etc. Many only carry their wallet and handkerchief and their mobile in them. I am the one who puts my clothes for washing and does check my pockets before putting it in the bucket. If by chance my wife takes it without asking, she checks my pocket. I have a habit of emptying my pockets after reaching home and keeping things at their spot so you can hardly find anything in the pocket. At times, when in a hurry, things do remain in the pocket but my wife does check it and thus don't have many issues in this matter.
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