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    See-saw and sip on-express your views

    We all are aware of the see-saw game. The see-saw is supported by the iron rod in the middle point. When children play, we can see that one goes up and the other goes down. This requires only two players, it is fun too.

    But today, I had been to the farm. It is the season of green grams now, so to support them, I carried the sack on my head and walked on the corners to reach the transporting point. I felt that I was playing on a see-saw without another player's support until I reached the target point. I had to sip on a glass of water to give me relaxation.

    It is very difficult to embrace the tasks which are not a part of our routine. Have you ever come across such situations? Express your views.

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    Nothing comes easy and comfortable at first. But continuous practice makes them quite easy. 'Practice maketh a man perfect' is the saying. It is only humans like us who do extra ordinary feats. They acquire those skills only by hard work, continuous practice and focused attention and concentration.
    Recently in another thread I had mentioned about a Kerala girl who is like Helen Keller and does a lot of things which we normal people cannot do. Where there is a will and practice there is also achievement.

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    When we do work for the first time we will feel the difference, definitely. We will be mentally and physically also facing the trouble. We may be thinking that we may not be able to do that work successfully. We will also feel restless. Once we complete that job we will feel happy> bu doing the same work for some time we will understand the methodology and we will get the skill of doing that work. That is why we hear that repeating the work many times will give us perfection.
    I have faced many such situations during my 34 years of career in various industries. Of course, they are not works like carrying weights etc. But something different. For two or three times I felt a little nervousness but later on, I am comfortable.

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    When we were a kid we tend to sit on it, but was not able to practice it properly. Through continuous practice, we can manage everything on See-saw. Through continuous determination and practice only we can be able to conquer for our life.
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    It is true that when we start a work for the first time we find it very difficult. But as we do the same work repeatedly we can acquire skills and we will learn the knack of doing work easily. For example, when I go for the board's examination papers valuation, at the beginning to correct one paper it takes 45 minutes to one hour. But as we correct many papers, we can correct one paper for 1 minute. So it will be like that only in any other work.

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    I remember my childhood days. My mother used to take me to river Tamirabharani for bath. It's about half a kilometer walk. She used to carry a pot to bring potable water from the river. After the bath, my mother used to carry the pot on her left and me on her right. At times, she used to carry two pots. She will carry one on her head, the other on her left and me on her right. I really wonder about her balancing act.

    She was a healthy woman. Alas! She left for heaven when she was twenty-seven, and I was seven.

    Practice makes perfect.

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    During our times, we had to form a big queue at the ration shop for the ration supplies. The shop was some half a kilometre but that was far for me as I was a child. My mother would take another card also to buy kerosene and bought it together. I would help her to carry the can of kerosene and she would buy me ice cream after reaching home. It was very heavy but would do it to get ice cream. Later, my sister and I would go to the wholesale market to buy groceries for the month. As we were buying a month's groceries, it would be heavy but would carry it as it was just for that day. Carrying a heavy load on occasion is tedious and tiresome but somehow we manage it as it saves money and time. Sometimes it makes me wonder of how the porters or labours carry a heavy load with ease but yes, as mentioned (#702824)'Practice maketh a man perfect' stands very true.
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    When it comes to village life there is no game but the work what they do gives much satisfaction than the real game and thus they cherish each kind of work. When ever I go through the farming side, I get astonished the way the the farm labors do the hard work carrying everything on their head. Even in cities life people does not engage a labor to carry and they do it on own. Myself can carry the 25 kg rice bag on my head and move and my children would tease me, Nothing wrong to work for the house and by doing hard labor we are giving the right feed to the body to get it toned for our good health.
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    My grandmother lived alone in the village which was about 5 km from the town where we lived. At that time there was no water connection in the village and people used to bring the water from a nearby spring which was having water throughout the year. As my father got more busy with his work he asked me to go to the village on the sundays or other holidays to take some essential items like tea, jaggery etc only for the Grandma as she had no problem for grains and vegetable things which she got from the fields. As she was alone and had a good health she used to do things herself and was very busy. She used to fetch water from the nearby spring for drinking purposes. Once when I stayed there for 2-3 days and asked her whether I can also fetch water. She was very happy to see my desire to do so and gave me one 15 litre pot which one can put on the head or shoulders once it is filled with water. I was at that time about 16-17 years of age and was confident to do that though it was going to be first time for me.

    While coming back to the house with that pot on my shoulders I literally experienced the See-Saw and Sip on in my life for the first time and I was so exhausted that I simply sat on the mat for some time to regain my vigour. It was an unforgettable experience. That was the first time in my life that I came to know the status of my physical strengths so vividly.

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    It is clearly understood that most of us have experienced the see-saw in our lives until today. It can be mastered with practice and also helps to know our strengths.
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