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    Need information about ol and ul HTML tags

    I need some information about Ol and ul HTML tags. What are these and how we have to use them. In case we are submitting an article kindly elaborate where we could use these tags. I would also appreciate if someone tells me what are bullet points and where they should be used.

    Also tell, if we have a different syntax or language to write a heading and a subheading. If yes, what's it ?
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    OL & UL are HTML tags used to list items. If you want to make the list ordered i.e.
    1. Item1
    2. Item2
    3. Item3
    you have to use the OL tag. OL stands for Ordered List. If you want to make the list unordered you have to use the tag UL where instead of the numbers 1, 2 & 3 before the items a bullet point will be there. UL stands for Unordered List. To get more details refer to this help topic

    No different syntax is required for heading. You can use the H2 & H3 tags for heading which is clarified in this help topic.


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    UL - Unordered List
    OL - Ordered list
    For numbering bullets, you should use it as below ( I have given a space before and after < & > to demonstrate)
    To type bullets which is called unordered list.
    < ul >
    < li > Text < /li >
    < li > Test < / li >
    < /ul >

    To type numbered items. Ordered list
    < ol >
    < li > Txt < /li >
    < li > Txt < /li >
    < /ol >

    Very simple. Try this and inform us.

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    Sankalan sir and sun sir,
    Thank you so much for enhancing my knowledge on this subject. You have mentioned each and everything so specifically that it helped me in changing the bullet points to an ordered list and I was easily able to edit my resources.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
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