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    US walking on India's footprints to ban Chinese Apps

    China is not yet overcome the shock given by India Government by banning 59 Chinese apps. But soon it may have to suffer another strike on its IT industry due to ban on various apps by US Government.

    Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps under the IT Act 2000 on 29 June 2020. This surgical strike by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, has resulted in thousands of crores loss for the Chinese IT and Apps Development Industry. Now, as US planning to walk the same path, China is sure to face more loads of losses in near future. Not only US but many other nations are considering this step of action. As China has lost the place in good books of many countries.

    If all other nations and country heads are following India PM's decision, Is it not our duty to support our own Prime Minister's decision? Please voice your opinion.

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    It is a good sign to teach them a lesson. Everyone has the freedom to live in this world. We as human beings should serve for the well being of the community not for the benefit of our selves. The apps are already banned in India but we get to hear that few people are still using it. They have to come out of addiction and change their paths to show the actual patriotism for the motherland, India.

    Everything starts with one person. So if one person changes every moment then the whole country will change within a few days.

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    China has antagonised many nations by its rash and hegemonic actions. It has problems with almost all the neighbouring countries. It has kept many small nations in debt trap by its Octopusan economic aids. Every nation has the strong doubt that China is the culprit with regard to Covid spread. At the minimum, they all believe that China hides many things in this read and exploits the situation to its profit.
    So when China created disturbance at Indian borders unprovoked, all the nations who are unhappy with China and waiting for a proper moment united at least in mind and lent their moral support to India. US also found this as an opportunity to signal China no t go too far. They all appreciated at least internally the bold stand of India in blocking Chinese apps, which even US could not do effectively even when China blocked Google Face Book etc.

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    India is not that old India now. We have good military might and we are ready to answer the enemy on all fronts. We are now also ready to sacrifice the cheaper Chinese products and go for indigenous ones. So the whole world is seeing this and naturally will follow us.
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    We must take pride that the Indian leadership under PM Modi has been making far reaching decisions much to the surprise of the world and the thinking process of our PM and US President Trump has been same in many aspects and therefore there is appreciation and follow up from each sides. Firstly the US has appreciated the way India dealt with the China as regards border issue to which US has been more furious. And when India banned 59 Chinese apps, US felt very happy that India is also towing the same idea of punishing China in earnest way. US has already parted ways with WHO and not funding it and that is the biggest slap on China. And the recent extentialism part played by China to which our PM Modi warned the other nations has captured the attention of US and allies who are now ready to take on even if India sulks.
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    China is an enemy for many nations. But we are the only neighbouring enemy to them. But China is in bad terms with many countries. That is why when there was a problem between us and them, many countries came to our support openly and told China that if they go for a war against India, they will declare war against China. This has made China to slow down.
    India Didi very well by banning 59 apps from China. That is a real hit to that country. Now the USA also says that they will also ban their apps. Now for China, it is another blow. They dug the grave and they only will have to face the music

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    It is quite pleasant to see that majority of members here are proud of our honorable PM Narendra Modi's decision. This act of our Prime Minister has shown the path to many countries to tackle with China on various fronts.
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