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    Do you think learning a new language is important in career progression?

    Many people chant the slogan about the medium of instruction in the Mother Tongue only till the Higher Secondary level of Education. But experience reveals that students who study in English medium with knowledge in Hindi are doing well and getting settled in All India level. Those who choose the Software field get an opportunity to go abroad and those who learn the native foreign language enhance their skills with vigour. Thus the necessity of learning a new language other than the mother tongue along with knowledge in Hindi and English is being discussed at many corners.

    With the advent of the internet, there are many ways to learn a new language. Undoubtedly the blogs, Facebook pages, and smartphone applications are around to help you. Learning a new language will increase the scope and broaden your horizons and also facilitates you to excel in other fields of life. Those who are proficient in two or more regional languages can easily adjust in the working environment by making many friends from different regions.

    What is your take on this?

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    I think learning the English language along with the local language is sufficient enough to excel anywhere in the world. Only few countries where local language dominates over English needs knowledge of that particular language. You can manage with English anywhere in the world along with skill proficiency in the job.

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    Learning a language depends on the place we reside, the work environment which demands it's client's communicating languages to be learnt by us and also our own choice or interest to learn a language.

    Sometime back I was learning Bengali and Manipuri languages as by friends were from hailing from those particular states. It is true that we can learn languages through different applications over the internet.

    When the scarcity for that particular language in which we are proficient with enables us to grasp opportunities than others.

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    Learning a new language is always welcome and good. Whether it helps in career progression is only secondary. If your job is an all India transferable one, or transferable to other countries, or your job involves meeting people speaking different languages, then learning more languages become an asset to you and it also helps in career progression.
    Learning new languages enhances our knowledge and also helps us gain more contacts and friends. It gives us more opportunities. It can give us more confidence and convenience many times. We can also come to help others who do not know that particular language.

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    Learning a new language is important in career progression would have mixed voting. Many learn french, german, Spanish, etc as their third language but hardly use it. If you are confident of going to another country or state for a job or further studies, you can say that it will help you in one or another way. Learning English, Hindi and your mother tongue is important to help you to get through in our country. I know friends who have worked for more than 10 years in the GCC but cannot speak Arabic fluently and knows some words that they use. They were successful and even got a promotion and never found interest in learning their language. Learning a new language should be from within. If you have an interest in learning new things, this will fascinate you and you would love to give it a try. Some countries ask for their language to get a visa but much just focus on English i.e. IELTS above 6 or 6.5 points to be eligible.
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    What I feel that knowing more languages has become the necessity and also the demand of the area where we live. For example we are Tamilians by birth so we know how to read, write and talk in that language including the slang of many regions. Likewise being in Telangana for the past 65 years, we are but natural having fluency in the Telugu language of Telangana dialect, Andhra and Rayalseema Telugu versions. And English being our medium of instructions we are fluent. And Hindi being the second language we all are perfect in knowing that. And being Urdu as the added language we know how to speak Urdu also. So we are blessed with so many languages know how.
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    English is a universal language and we may be able to manage with that English outside India for some time. But if you settle down there for more time it is essential to learn the local language there.
    Similarly, if we know Hindi and English we can manage anywhere in our country. Even in Kerala and Tamilnadu also we can manage with the English Language. But if we have to settle in a place in other states we should learn the lock language there. Otherwise, managing there will be a little difficult.

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    In my opinion, it is good to learn a third language other than our Mother tongue and English Language. It is good to learn at least one foreign language to get admission in foreign universities and it can help us to maintain a good career profile for our life. Learning regional languages is more important in India because we need people who can work in different languages can be more productive at work. It will have more impact on the working company. It will boost the sales and the career profile of the concerned person will emerge. In the All India level, it is important to know one additional language to gain more friends circle. We can impress the people with our unique tag.
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    Learning a new language is sometimes essential to communicate with the local people but many times it is not required as the English language is already popular in many places and does the job of a coordinator.
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