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    The World’s Largest Living Structure on the Earth is Coming Soon….The Great Green Wall

    The Great Green Wall also called "Growing a World Wonder. This initiative launched by African Union in 2007 with the main aim to transform millions of lives in the world's poorest regions, the Sahel by creating 10 million green jobs and restore 100 million hectares of degraded land of Africa, sequesters 250 million tons of carbon. It will provide food security for millions of people, reduce temperature and desertification process and also protect our most precious resource i.e. fertile land. In this initiative, 21 African countries joined hands together and representing a fascinating example of togetherness to create the future and it will prove a famous quote that "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality".

    These countries are committed to develop and maintain a 4750 mile long chain of forests and woodlands stretching across the entire width of the continent at the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. This project will be completed by 2030 with an estimated budget of 8 billion USD. However, it has been completed by around 15%. Once complete, this wall will be the world's largest living structure on the earth.

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    It is a good initiative to develop employment rates and stabilise financially. The fertility of the soil is given foremost importance by agriculturists for standardised yields.

    Under this initiative, Ethiopia has developed much better than earlier in growing fresh cut roses which is used for local and export markets with a shelf life of about ten days after harvesting. It is a well-known market place to supply plant saplings to many countries. It has developed many varieties of roses in variant colours of red and pink to supply for valentines day.

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    The post is not related to horticulture and employment generation. In this post i tried to describe that 21 African countries have come together to create a great green wall to stop desertification that will also increase food security in the region.

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    I did not read about it elsewhere so far but it seems to be a great initiative by the team work of those African nations. Anything done as a collaborative project that also to keep the Earth green is a praiseworthy attempt. Let us hope and wish the project goes ahead well as planned.
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    Let there be any wall in any country, but we should have a security wall built on our borders between India and China to avoid any future conflict. I don't think it is a difficult job. A strong wall between our neighboring border countries is a must. We should have done it immediately after the 1962 war with China. Both the countries should come to an understanding and demarcate our land borders and construct a strong wall, not fencing.
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    Which ever state or the nation strives to maintain the nature and nurtures the plants has to be appreciated as they are doing yeomen service to the mankind of present and future. My appreciation to African great green wall initiative which would transform big green forests and that would ensure more oxygen and good rains in the desert continent. Same way the Haritha Haram in Telangana which is being celebrated every year and many saplings are planted since six years and many of them were grown as big trees and in Hyderabad the road medians would welcome you with great grown up trees.
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    I saw a documentary about this. It is projected to be complete in near future. Many African women are coming forward to work in the Sahel region to control deforestation, erosion and climate change. They are already making good progress, covering thousands of kilometres. It is an initiative that every country should be taking.
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    I am not aware of that. Anyhow it is a good initiative from 21 African countries. This will help them in getting united and that is good if they combine and work in all developmental activities. If our neighbours cooperate with us, then we all can also think of a good common project like that and show an example to the world. But unfortunately, the good sense is not prevailing on the other nations and not cooperating with us. In such case, as suggested by SUN we have to bring strong and high raise walls at the borders so that neighbouring countries never come in.
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    When a dream you dream together becomes reality, it can create wonder. The Great Green Wall initiative by 21 African countries is something that can be emulated by other countries as well to protect nature. The pollution is rising everywhere at an alarming level and to reduce it an initiative throughout the world is a must. The area covered in the initiative is huge and it may not be finished within the stipulated time of 2030 if only 15% of the project is complete till now. However, it's indeed something great in terms of saving the Earth and I hope it will be completed at the earliest with the cooperation of all the countries that joined hands together.

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