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    To succeed you have to fail over and over

    Thomas Alva Edison, the greatest ever inventor the world has ever seen had once said, "I did not fail a thousand times, but found a thousand ways which won't work". It was very truly said by Edison. After all, in life, if we want to succeed, we should not get disheartened by our failures. Often when we start something new, our path is mired by failures and rejections. Anyone who has been in search of employment will know it better, how it feels getting rejected, job after job. Why go so far. Here in ISC itself, at times when our forum posts or articles get rejected or we fail to win a contest, we get depressed. Not able to accept our failures, some of us stop posting and some even leave the site for good. The same happened to me. When I was very new to this site, and a series of my articles were rejected, I was greatly disheartened and left the site with a vow to never look back. Nine months later, when good sense prevailed on me, I renewed my relationship with ISC. Soon after, things turned for good and I could ultimately reach to my present position in ISC. Friends, did you ever succeed after failing over and over?

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    I cannot say that failure is mandatory before a win. It should be only taken that one should not get disappointed with failure and not lose confidence. But one should try and attempt again to win or achieve

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    Facing failure to achieve something we've dreamed of is easy to say but difficult to bear. It was Edison who was not disheartened by over one thousand unsuccessful experiments, he could bear it because of him being a genius which is born after centuries. However, despite failure we should keep on trying as many times as we can we get this lesson from his life. Best way to cope with failure is to change your aim which is easy to achieve. Then take another step towards another chosen aim and thus keep on moving. It will revive self confidence in you to go further for your dream target.

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    Last month there was a news article about one Md Barkat Ali of Telangana, who at the age of 82 years passed his class 10 exams. He had earlier made 47 attempts to clear his 10th board but without success. This year he could ultimately clear the hurdle as the board exam for class 10 was cancelled in Telanagana and all were passed by the government. Though not exactly happy of clearing the exam by default, it tells about his resilience and the inspiration he had to appear for the exam year after year, even after repeated failures. Earlier, he had faced problem with his class 9 exams too, which he cleared in 5 sittings.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    There is no rule that one should fail before they win. If we can win always without a failure, nothing like it. But sometimes we may face some failures. We need not worry that we failed. We can attempt again and again we will succeed. That is why people say failures are the stepping stones for success. When we fail if we get disappointed and stop further pursuing we may not win. But if we understand the reasons for failures and if we correct those mistakes we will emerge successfully. Without doing that if we go on doing again and again also we may fail many times. That is what when we are away from the success we should not worried but we should know why we are away and see how to catch that.
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    Failure can happen in our life, but learning from our mistakes is really good and will have a great future for us. Usually, I registered in ISC some long ago was at first I was not aware of this site and had made some mistakes which actually had ban from the site, later I found my mistakes and I was eagerly contributing to the site. In a later time, when problems happened in my personal life, I had to withdraw my competition in ISC. Now again I have gained some confidence and contributing to the site. Learning from our mistakes is really important so that we can achieve anything in our life. Success happens only when we figure out the problems in our life.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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