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    Front benchers or back benchers in school, but life gradually evens out both

    Remember the school days when you were either a front bencher or a back bencher? As a front bencher you answered all the questions teacher asked, completed all assignments, scored in al tests and your name always figured in the top merit lists; the result day being your day.
    If you were a backbencher, you enjoyed every moment in the class and school, never worried about tests, completed assignments within a jiffy i group at the back, knew to whistle perfectly, throw arrow right on target, rise into a loud laughter on any small reason, but always hid on result day and became hero on sports or arts day.

    However once you are out in the open world and when you meet after a gap of years you find that life just evens out everything. Both would have become parents now, have a reasonable earning, a house a loving family and a position in the society around. It will be interesting that the back the old bencher among you would be regretting that he wasted his academic days, and the front bencher would be regretting how he did not enjoy school as the other .Both of you will go home and happily tell your family about the meeting and talk very high of the classmate.

    If again you happen to meet after a few years both of you may be grandparents and your talking will be only about the grandchildren and the occasional ill health and inconvenience you face.

    How life evens it out, whether you were a front bencher or backbencher in academic years !

    (This is my ninth thread for A Thread a day Challenge)
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    What a lovely thought you shared today. Frontbencher or backbencher, at last we have no bench at all.

    Front benchers are serious, and backbenchers are jollyhood fellows. Frontbenchers are mentally strong, backbenchers are physically strong. Frontbenchers are mild, backbenchers are bold. Frontbenchers are careful, backbenchers are careless. In the classrooms, the backbenchers feel envy of the frontbenchers, and in the sports field, the frontbenchers envy the backbenchers.

    All cannot be frontbenchers, and all cannot be backbenchers.

    When I was studying in an institution, our class master used to shift the students every week. This was to treat all the students equally. This week's frontbenchers would be in the middle bench next week and backbencher on the next week.

    It changes after we come out of our school and start living our own life without any front, middle or back. When we meet our good old classmates, we never think about the benches of the class. The bench vanishes from our hearts. It is purely temporary.

    No life without Sun

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    There is always a conflict of debate between the frontbenchers and the backbenchers. Frontbenchers feel that they are intelligent enough to tackle any questions asked by the teacher while teaching. And the backbenchers go sulking and hide when asked about any question. But what I have felt that seating arrangements are chosen not by intelligent or the best student category, the students chose their own seat beside those who are more close with them and have more rapport with them. In my class I some times used to sit with good friends who are average students and yet great helpers of trying times. So to spend time with them, I used to sit in back benches. But the teacher would search for me and ask me to come and sit at the front to which I would deny that I am free and comfortable at the back bench.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    A good thought that takes us back to our school days. The topic is nicely expressed by SuN (#70290109 ) about the differences the frontbenchers and backbenchers have but when we look from the other side, each complemented others. When we have darkness, the value of light is known so also, when we have some dull students, we value the studious students, when we have a defect we value what we have. In life, frontbench or backbench is not what takes you places but your lessons and the way you blend to it. Every student is taught the same lesson and appears for the same exam but the way each student answers is what is shown on the mark sheet. Some can remember but others can do it practically, some can calculate but others can fabricate, some can plan while some can execute, some can prepare while some can present, so it is not the school seating that matters but how we incorporate in the real world. When old mates meet, they just share the joy and about the time they enjoyed together in schools, college, etc and that is what matters.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I don't think sitting in a front bench or backbench does not decide the performance of an individual. Some who sit at the backbench also excel than the person who sits at the front bench. It is the shrewdness and individual attention of the student that only will decide their performance. I used to sit mostly in backbenches but I am a very soft person and never be playful like what you described above. When anybody sits on the front bench, the student has to be always attentive to the teacher. More than hearing the topic, the student always thinks about how the teacher is observing him. As I find of this discomfort I used to sit in backbenches where we can breat easily and sit freely.

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    True. Whether you sit in the front seat of the bus or the last seat of the bus, you will reach the destination without any difference. Only there may be some difference in comfort.
    The certificate obtained is only an entry point. But after coming out of education life is different. Marriage, children. and grandchildren. Job and then retirement. More or less everybody is earning and seeing that their family is happy.
    This is what I am seeing with all my school and college mates.
    Recently we had a old students meet. !970 -72, an intermediate batch of our junior college. Almost all became grandfathers and grandmothers. Sons and daughters settled well and spending their life happily. Now and then going to s]States to see their children who settled there and enjoying.
    There is no difference between backbenchers or frontbenchers.

    always confident

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    It is true that even if it is Front benchers or Backbenchers, anyone wins in their life if they are having sufficient guts and determination to lead a peaceful life. Some believe that knowing everything will make them a better person and the people who has no education thinks that they are perfect in it. The main problems arise when we don't have enough to sustain in a difficult situation. Those who have struggled only will find more treasures in life. We must understand what we needed in this society and act accordingly to it. All of them are equal in all aspect so differentiating with a class is not good.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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