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    How to improve and enhance your English Vocabulary - Follow me

    We all read, write, listen and speak English. But we are not able to grasp the whole English. English dictionary contains many thousand words. No one has mastered all those words. We may know only 1/10th of the English words that are used very frequently.

    It would be nice if we try to learn all those English words that we do not use. But we can give a try to learn most of the English words.

    How to go about it?

    You need to spare only just 30 minutes a day.
    Have a good dictionary in hand.
    Select the starting alphabet which has very less words in the dictionary. In my view, the English alphabet X has the minimum words, then Z and Y.
    We can learn all words commencing with X on a single day. (About 20 words only)
    We can learn all words commencing with Z in three days (About 60 words only)
    We can learn all words commencing with Y in nine days (About 120 words)

    After learning a word, tick that word in the dictionary, Memorise it repeatedly.

    Once you have completed these X Y and Z words, You will become curious to learn the other alphabets.

    Just try this. If you can master all those XYZ words, I am sure, you will improve and enhance your English vocabulary within a year. Whether or not, you will be a master of XYZ.

    Are there members from ISC who have mastered XYZ ?

    You can suggest if you have some other idea to develop, improve and enhance our English vocabulary.

    This is my 9/15 (9th July 2020) thread for ISC's 13th Birthday challenge contest.>
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    A good concept and idea to improve our English vocabulary. It is very difficult to learn every word as many of them are not used daily. We have learned many words during our schooling or college days but if you come across the same words, we would not know its meaning or use. Everyone may remember the dictations that were conducted in the class after a lesson is completed. We had to write the word as it is, it means that we were remembering that word and its spelling. Later it became meaning but how often did we use those words. Learning a thing is different and using it is different. If we are using it then only we will be able to remember it but after a certain period, the word may fade from our mind and so also it's meaning. After registering here, I came across many new words and even words that I am familiar with but seldom used. I try to refer to the online google dictionary to find out its meaning and synonym. Many members of the site often use new words in their post and comments which is commendable.
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    Learning for the sake of learning and storing is different from learning and using them in proper contexts. How many words starting with X ,Y and Z come to use in our normal transactions?
    The alternative way, which is one of the methods I use mostly, is to know the synonyms or alternative words with same or similar meaning. That will help us like using different coloured or different design dress for variety and good looks.
    If start as a Logophile we can later become a wordsmith.
    We all had started learning English using an Abcedarium and have come to this level. Hope this post may help learn at least two or three new words.

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