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    The wearer knows where the shoe pinches

    The journey of life is a difficult one and people struggle for their bread and butter on a daily basis. Everyone is not so lucky to get a good job or nice engagement and enjoy life. Unemployment and other challenges in the life have shattered the ambitions of many people today and they are the victims of depression and dullness in life. They are suffering but there is no solution. There is a total system failure to provide jobs and engage the people especially the young generation. We do not have sympathy with them because it is not our fault if they are unemployed or poor. It is the system that has failed. We do not know their problems and sorrows. We cannot comprehend their situation either. The wearer only knows where the shoe pinches. Please give your views.

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    There is no use crying about unemployment. God has given everything to a human being for their survival. The fault is ours. We do not how to make use of the opportunities and facilities provided to us by God. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. A good brain to think. Two hands to work.
    Walk and see a job to work. There are plenty of jobs to do, if one respects the dignity of labour.
    We should know how to repair the pinching or biting shoes.

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    If you know where the shoe pinches you must find a way out. Either you need to repair the shoe or replace it. We are so accustomed to living in a system that we begin to think that the system is somehow faulty. Actually, we only created the system and now thinking it is the fault of the system. Since childhood, our thrust is on scoring good marks and getting a good job. The concept of good is something which is quite difficult to explain. What seems good to you may not seem good to me and vice versa. The thought process makes a lot of difference. We tend to think that somebody will come and help us out from a difficult situation. This may not be the case all the time. You need to find your own way and only when you start journey on the path you will find a lot of companion walking through the same path. But if there is no companion, you need to walk alone.

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    Unemployment is an issue everywhere but those who find a way through it are successful. In fact, during earlier times, the job opportunities were limited to engineers, doctors, teachers or bankers only. But nowadays, there is a long list of fields one can opt for having a career. Candidates are trying their hand in different fields like event management, catering business, dancing, and many more. It is not like that these options were not available earlier but now these fields are considered as an established career option.

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    Right from beginning, unemployment has been a big problem for our society. Nothing new for our society. We have to try to solve this problem. It is true that high profile job are less in number but job opportunity are available in different field. Mostly people opt medicine, IT and engineering field as a carrier. We are accustomed to this field only. But there are many job opportunity available in field of music, dance, art, catering etc. We can start our carrier in that field too. We should always try to find a way for mending our biting shoes.

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    It is true that we comprehend others or blame them for not being successful. We look from our view as we are employed, have a good house, better salary, other facilities and some are fighting it hard to make a living but still cannot make it. We are best to give advice or suggestion but when it comes to us, we tremble and run for a solution. It is true that when we know where the shoe pinches you must find a way out to repair the shoe or replace it but can we say that they have not tried to do the same. Unless we wear their shoe, we won't understand their feeling or problem but can only sympathise on their situation or blame them. As mentioned by members,(#702910) we only created the system and now thinking it is the fault of the system whom to blame? can we say that the law is made after study, discussion and understand by many but yet a time comes to amend so how can we say that we made the system so we cannot find fault in it. (#702909)God has given us Two legs to walk, two hands to work, two eyes to see and a good brain to think but we do not how to make use of the opportunities and facilities provided to us by God. There are plenty of jobs to do and we need to walk and see a job to work. Can we say that many are not trying or is it that we don have as many job opportunities?
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    New employment opportunities for freshers seem to be almost impossible even people in jobs are jobless now.

    Government employment is on verge of extinction, however, in private sector experienced unemployed youth can be adjusted with less salary, for young girls 'compromise' is the trend of the day. In this situation what an educated youth should do:

    * If his parents can support him with good amount of money, he should start his own business
    * He can do any job oriented course e.g. D Pharma and can open a chemist shop
    * He can take the loan from a bank by spending approximately 15% of expected loan amount and can start a small scale business.
    * He can learn kind of skills to become an artisan
    * He can be a labourer or fruit seller or vegetable vendor or kind of
    * If he's smart and active he can open a YouTube channel. He's to shoot video and upload them e.g. Prank video

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    It is true that unemployment has gone into a peak as many of them are losing their jobs during the lockdown period. We cannot complain about it is due to the ongoing pandemic, but we must find alternative solutions and must fight back to win this situation. Most of them are not able to fight back into it because they are used to do the odd kind of job in their life. The people who are not able to learn new things and update knowledge, then it will be difficult for such people to withstand it. Most of the migrant workers are not getting any jobs and most of them have gone to their respective states and some have reached the place and some of them have lost their lives. Government has only limited resources to give jobs for all kinds of jobs. We must create jobs on our hard work and must handle this situation properly.
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    True. We will not understand the pain of a person who's leg is broken. We will not know the suffering of a person who is carrying 100kg load on his head. We will understand that pain only when we have that. That is why people say that we have to get into his shoes when we want to understand his problem correctly.
    So we should ignore the pain of the other person saying that it is not a big issue, If possible we should try to help them to come out of their problem. If we know a way we can tell him. That is the way a human being should behave and show kindness towards the sufferer

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    Surely the wearer only knows the pinches of the shoe. For that matter life should not be wasted without job in hand. If the job is not coming we have to create one. There is nothing wrong to create new self business which can become big and trust worthy over the passage of time. Many people have started doing fruit juice business, selling organic vegetables, selling ladies wearing items, preparing masks and selling them, preparing home made food and serving to orders with good packing. All these are necessities of every Individual and those who started well and captured the customers they would continue to do so.
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    "You can comfortably theorise on others' headache". It is always so. As far as our head does not ache we do not feel the pain and w can give hundred reason and justification and insignify it. But if we get even a fraction of that ache probably we may writhe in pain.
    That is why the proverb says that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. The shoe seller may say lot about its quality and comfort. But only when one wars it he knows where it pinches and pains. Experience only makes us perfect and wise. There is joke I read in Whatsapp sometime ago. A grinding stone sees a Diwali rocket (fireworks) whizzing past and asks the rocket 'why are you in such a hurry'. The rocket answers 'you will know this only when your seat is on fire".

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