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    Let's learn the spirit of endurance from those below us

    Life is a paradox. There are those who are extremely rich. They never bother so much about inflation or about decreasing interest rates on deposits of the travails of the poor. They can always hire servants to take care of their various needs.

    And then come to the middle classes. The upper middle classes sometimes try to ape the rich, but they would never be able to ape the rich in terms of their living standards. And then came the deadly corona. It has not spared the rich. It has not spared the most corrupted Ministers in States like Tamil Nadu.

    Yet, we need to learn so much from those who are perched below us on the economic ladder. Those who have lost their jobs in manufacturing have become agricultural laborers, They are quite happy that they sometimes get a free lunch from some employers. Many have taken to selling vegetables. Those who cannot ply the shared auto-rickshaw vehicles have intelligently tied up with the small shops to transport goods, including bulk delivery of groceries to customers.

    The servant maids are back again. Contrary to public perception, they have more immunity, as they constantly take the herbal treatment, at home and their food preparations are also based on organic foods. They had taken to Ayurvedha and Siddha long before we, the middle classes did so. And now they happily buy the Rs.15 cloth masks sold all over and use them to save themselves.

    Learning how to survive in the most difficult times can be learned only from such people. They do smile a lot and are optimistic that the good times will be back. Their endurance is always worth emulating. We also need our children to talk to them and be aware of their endurance.

    This is my entry for the 13th birthday special a thread a day challenge participate and win prizes contest on day 9, that is, 9th July 2020.
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    We always complain that we have been dogged with pertinent challenges and problems to which we seek guidance and over come the situation. But we never see those who are below us in every respect as to how they cope up the life against the all odds of challenges and yet compete to live in their own terms. One of the maid servant daughter is the sprinter and won gold medals on national level. Now due to lock down she is not finding the ways to improve her performance and hence chosen our colony main road to run daily with speedo meter in hand to clock the best running time. When ever I see that girl I get astonished as to we seek stadium and play field to practice the performances but this girl never wasted time and gone ahead with practicing and now she clocks the best time against all odds.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What you said is true. The will power and the endurance of the lower middle and the poor class is greater than the upper-middle and the rich/extra rich. Take the case of the owner of 'Iruttukadai Halwa" of Tirunelveli, who could not tolerate his COVID and committed suicide. Look at the Finance Minister of Germany who committed suicide for his inability to control the Coronavirus. There are many such rich deaths that have not come to light.
    No life without Sun

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