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    WonderLady in Kitchen

    Usually, the Kitchen is managed by the women and they are cooking the food with different varieties. Some of them will have work and in between, they are doing it without any complain. They are not even looking to get credit for what they do in the kitchen. She is taking care of every people in the home and treating with utmost care. Do Husbands care for their wife?. Has anyone given credit for them?. Any Husbands tried any dish in the kitchen?. Give your suggestions and views on the topic. This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge
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    I do understand the ordeal of doing kitchen routines daily and from my side I almost help fifty percent to help my wife as the children and myself would be leaving early for the college, offices. Since I wake up at 4 am and do get ready for cooking spade works by 6 am so that she gets into final touchings by 6.40 am so that the children get ready in time. We are not giving any holiday for the kitchen works and during festivities and other occasions would be full of work and she needs huge help. Though the relatives come and enjoy the dishes prepared by her, no one would turn to the kitchen or look at the sync which might have gathered too much utensils for cleaning. We do not have the services of the maid servant and hence the kitchen works has to be done on own. I feel concerned for her often and reach out to help.

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    From time immemorial, women reign the kitchen. It is an age-old custom that a wife is to care the a house. That's the reason why we have titled a woman as 'House Wife'. Men are to earn, and women are to feed. Time has changed. The concept of life has changed. Both men and women started earning. They cooperate and help each other in the kitchen and in other areas of life.

    Frankly writing. I don't enter the kitchen unnecessarily and disturb my wife. If I enter, she would say, 'Stay Out'. This is my area. Yes. She is purely a housewife, a homemaker and an excellent chef, and a wonderful lady as you said..

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    Kitchen work or the work of a housewife is a thankless job. They work round the clock, taking care of everything and everyone in the home. I feel there are only a few men who appreciate what ladies do in the kitchen. Well, ladies don't expect much but once in a while if they are appreciated for their lovely hard work and greeted with a smile on the dinner table, it is enough. Also, once in a while, if men enter the kitchen and surprise them by preparing a dish or maybe a cup of tea will mean a lot.

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    Kitchen has been part of women's life. This department belongs to women only. I think even today very few family are present where kitchen work done by men also. But it is true that men are becoming helper compare to earlier men as both men and women are working today. Now-a-days, working women have no time to manage everything on time so male person have compulsion to help her otherwise they would not get food on time. But I noticed that in some family husband would very caring in nature. They always ready to help their wife in daily routine life either have workload or not in kitchen.

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    Cooking is an art and is managed beautifully by women at home. They know how to manage and make food with the available ingredients. As mentioned by other members, women were most likely said to look after the house and the men to provide for them. Now it is changing and the work is shared not equally but to some extend. I know about many of my friends who are helping their wives in the kitchen. They may help in dicing, slicing, chopping, buying groceries, cleaning, etc whereas the women would cook. The main aim of women is to keep the ingredient and food to the minimum. Many men need each and everything as written in the recipe to make them but the women can make a better one without it and that is what makes them the hero or home minister.

    Many men indeed take them for granted and just order but time is changing and even they are learning to help them in the house chore and a little in the kitchen. It will take time but yes changes are seen everywhere. We have many world-class men chefs working in international levels but for a house, it is the women who overpower. My brother-in-law makes finger licking non-veg items, my nephew-in-law (niece's husband) makes biryani, etc so things are changing and we will see the change in the society.

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    No rest even a single day for her. No weekly off. No rest. We will not have food if she refuses to work in the kitchen. These days because of these lockdown gents are staying in the house. Nothing is available to eat outside. So load for her increased. She has to make snacks also ready In the house. Office teas and coffees are not there. So the number of coffees and teas in the house increase. Again she has to make those and give. We should appreciate her hard work. We are getting money by working from home. For her no money as she is working for home. I think gents should also help her whenever and wherever it is possible and see that she will get some rest.
    These days my sons are spending their time in the Kitchen on Sundays and cooking some special items and they are not allowing ladies into the kitchen for that half-day. I hope many people may be doing this to keep their ladies happy. We all should make her feel happy so that we will also be happy.

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    Well, being a wife, a homemaker and reigning my home is although a bit tiring at times, but I won't say that I don't receive any thanks for it especially, from my husband. He cannot cook, but usually, he prepares the morning tea. Now, when it is pandemic, he is working from home so almost regularly he makes evening tea too. The best part is he washes his dishes, and if there are some other utensils in the sink, then he cleans them also. He never complains about the menu, which is a boon for me. Many a time he fills the bottles from the water filter, which saves my time for completing other chores. Thus, I can't complain at all.

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    This humble author helps and shares the work(some at least) in Kitchen with his wonder lady.
    Yes, I know cooking to some extent ad on many occasions I had helped my wife in the kitchen not only in cooking but dishwashing, cleaning etc. There used to be occasions when I took these tasks alone also. In our house whenever and wherever it is needed I also share the work. But still it is to be admitted that we would like to be pampered. So once in a while I also make tea or coffee and take to my wife

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    I am a working woman and right now working from home. My husband is also working in the same field and also working from home. Thanks to God he know cooking very well. However, he does not cook usually but sometimes when he is in good mood he prepare food and his cooking is really well. He loves my preparations too. I think every man should try to help her wife in kitchen and other household work.

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    The jobs managed by the housewives is not so easy especially the preparation of different dishes to please their husbands and kids. This they think is a thankless less job but still the same is to be attended since for them, no solution is in the sight. Apart from that, cleaning the utensils, dishes, sweeping the floors are the other areas to be attended to on the regular basis. The entire chores managed by them are exhaustive if no maid or helper is available to support them. In the absence of housemaid, I have supported her in finishing her jobs related to cleaning the utensils and sweeping the floors and for which there is no specific advice to carry on such chores from my sides. On the cooking front, sometimes I share her and that too after her consent. The household jobs demand time on regular basis irrespective of your disliking and so why not to be done gladly?

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    Although I am a lady and a wife, I am not good at cooking, In fact, I must say that I learned cooking only after getting married. My chapattis are still not round always. My husband is fond of eating different dishes but he never forces me for that. So, it is like, he searches for the recipe on youtube, shares with me, and then both of us try that adventure together. Many times, It goes well but recently we got black smoky cookies out of the oven.
    On regular days and for regular meals, I prepare them myself only. Some times he helps me in chopping and other little work when he is free from his work.


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