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    Be happy even in trying times. You would surely induce others

    Being happy in good times is the trait everyone would follow but being happy in trying times takes lots of self confidence and urge to achieve something bigger when the situation opens up conclusively. With our glowing face, smiling attitude and others even know that we are in trouble times, the attitude we show for them is the big lesson to be learned. Because everyday may not be the same as after the bad period, the good times are bound to occur. And these are the people who know this trick of the life and hence live happy even in challenging times.

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    It is very difficult to be happy in bad times and it takes courage and a positive attitude to be smiling even in troubled times. Many have learned the truth about life and face the hurdle that comes up their way without showing it on their face, without complaint or without being low. They have learned to overcome every hurdle and believe that as the sun rises after a bad storm so also they will be able to jump or overcome the problem they are facing and come out winning as the best player of the tournament in the game of life. Many get low or let-down if any problem(relationship, financial, work, etc) comes their way and they are not able to withstand it and it can be seen on their face or their action. Life is the best teacher and we need to learn to fight back and be prepared to give exam whenever it calls for. We just need to believe that great things take time and thus being happy at the moment is what keeps us moving.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I think the author is correct. But how many of us can be happy at trying times? A very difficult proposition. A lot of understanding of life and detachment from ambitions and wishes is required to be happy during trying times also.
    Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas was humiliated by Kauravas. After that, she was never happy and she was always thinking about the death of Duryodhana and Dussasana. only after their death and when Bhima came and told her that he killed of both them, she expressed her happiness.
    But only people who are far from all types of wished can remain happy even in trying times. Only sages and saints can be like that. For a normal man, it is very difficult. But there is a change these da. Whatever may be situation we will not stop looking into the posts on Social media and we may have some smile on the face.
    It is better if we can try to achieve those qualities so that we will never be unhappy and we may have a smile always on our face.

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    Yes, it is good to maintain our confidence during our tough times. We haven't faced such situations in our life earlier so that this moment will be more challenging for us. Making a positive attitude is always needed to overcome this tough situation. Have positive thoughts always and it can help us to overcome our failures in our life. I hope everyone can adjust to this situation and try to be active during these tough situations.
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    Most of us would have heard about the phrasing" 'This shall also pass". It gets attributed to various sources like Akbar-Birbal; Tenali Raman and his King, a Persian saying, etc. as per one's taste, talent and knowledge. A question was asked what is it that can at the same time make us happy and unhappy. The answer was the statement" This too shall pass".

    If one is sad and unhappy then seeing the statement he will feel happy because the bad time is to pass soon. If a person is happy and if he sees this statement then he will feel sad because the happy time will pass.
    So it means nothing is permanent. But our attitude can make the difference. If we keep up a positive, happy and confident expression and attitude, then it will make others around us happy and that will reflect on us.
    It is said that 'Happiness is a perfume which will smell only if we you spray a few drops on yourself' or "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."

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