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    Is India really a poor nation to issue free ration and freebies to all?

    India is said to be a poor nation that its citizens require free ration. When we visit the ration shops in India, we find many costly motorcycles are parked in front of the shop, and the men standing in the queue with costly cellphones. Plenty thud thud bullets and attractive Android phones can be seen there. We can see the government issued Television boxes lying in a corner, and big home theatres fitted on the walls. Free travel to women folks who carry kilos of gold jewels on their necks and hands.
    Is India poor? Why free ration to all. Ration shops of India has no discrimination to the rich and poor. A crorepati also draws free ration, and an utterly poor also draws the free ration.

    India is not a poor country. We are made to think poor. Do you agree or disagree?
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    The rich become richer and richer by establishing command over the poor financially and socially.

    As the pandemic and lockdown has hit hard the economy and its people worse, Prime Minister wants to reach every individual of the country through the supply of ration.

    The situation expressed related to ration is not that the person is poor. It is an aid to stabilise him. Only a few people who have earned lots of money and saved it to generations can face this economic imbalance. The poor who are working on daily wages or on monthly salaries may not be able to run the show.

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