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    What would you do on this day

    I don't think what I am going to write down below in my post is going to happen anytime sooner or ever but still, imagine it happening and respond accordingly. What if the sun did not rise one day? Naturally, it would be dark outside. What would you do? Would you wake up and carry on activities as usual? Would you send your kids to schools in the dark and then go to the office? Or would you lie down in the bed calmly waiting for the sun to rise?

    What if it is a full moon day? Most of us will start wondering that fine there is no sunlight, we should be able to see the moon shining brightly and being a full moon, it will be at its brightest illumination. Let me tell you, if the sun disappeared, it would take away the moon with itself. Not literally but since there is no sunlight, how can moon reflect the light from its surface. Thus, though it is present, the dark moon would not be visualized from the earth. Thus, it would be like no sun, no moon. Another fact is that many planets would go dark. Thanks to the disappearance of the sun. Of course, stars will be visible.

    What is your take on this? How will you respond to the shocking celestial event occurring all of a sudden?

    It is an entry for A thread a day challenge contest.
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    After reading the first paragraph, I thought you are referring to a particular day when there will be no sunrise and everywhere there will be darkness. I thought it is like some kind of rare astronomical happenings that nobody has experienced till now but after reading the rest of the thread I found it really shocking. I don't think we will be able to survive without the sun. Sun is the main source of energy and along with our nature, all other planets get energy from the sun. If the sun disappears, people won't be able to survive. Without sunlight, there will be no photosynthesis and we won't be able to get anything to eat.

    If the sun disappears suddenly for a couple of days there will be chaos everywhere and the media will go crazy to find where the sun went. Some country may start blaming another country of kidnapping the sun and bringing in doomsday and they may think of waging a war against that country. In that case, I will sit and won't be going out because people everywhere will become crazy.


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    Yes, if there will be no Sun, there will be no Moon for us. And then there will be not plants also as they need sunlight for photosynthesis. If no plants, we as humans will also be able to survive because plants clean air and provide food to us. If there will be no Sun, it will not rain. So basically, not Sun, no life!

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    As you have mentioned what if the Sun does not rise one day, I don't think it may be something that many may have thought. If the Sun does not rise on the monsoon or winter season, everyone would think it as normal but if it is in the summer, there will be a mixed reaction. Some may blame the climate, some the overflow of sin, some will refer to religious text, some scientific, some superstitious, some artificial, etc. When given a thought, the media would have a full-on content to speak and debate on. They will start about how Sun came into existence, the heat, its energy, how it disappeared, etc. For common may, if it is for a day, some may rest, some may enjoy, some may take a day off and sleep, etc. Sun is the main provider of energy and light that is the base of existence of everything on the earth. The plants, animals and even human need Sun to survive and if the thought becomes reality, many things will not exist shortly.
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    Our Hindu Puranas says once it happened. Saint Mandavya cursed Kashyap that he will die once the sun rises. Hearing this Kashyap's wife stopped Sunrise. So continuously darkness. All the Saints are not able to do any worships. Finally, Anasuya convinces Kashyap's wife and she allows the Sun to rise. Anasuya gives rebirth to Kashyap. I remembered this on reading this post.
    So no day. We need not go to offices. We need not go to schools and we can spend time happily sleeping as much as time as we want.
    My grandmother used to eat only after seeing the sun and saluting him. Sometimes when there was no Sun, she was on fasting.
    If it one day or two days it is oK. But if it goes for day's together we will have many problems and life will be very difficult.

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    You all are wrong in your assumptions and presumptions. Have you ever visited the northern hemisphere where you don't see the sun for six months?
    I am sure, nothing will happen to us. Life on earth will as be as usual without sunlight.
    I would agree if the sun has met with an accident and missing from the universe. No. It will never happen. A weird thought.
    Let things be like that. I SuN of ISC will never miss from ISC.

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    It is only a rare phenomenon which can happen or not, but I can't believe that it happens really here. We can see such kind of events only in movies. As stated by Sun sir, there are countries where sun is not appearing and most of the time they are having a cold climate. This is the main reason why most of the foreigners come to countries where they get warmer and do a sunbath. They need proteins for their bodies and that's why they are coming to our country. If we are not getting sun, our skin will get worse and the plants will not get their protein from sunlight and it leads to more deforestation. Sun will stand strong and it can give more energy and protein from it.
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    @SuN: India is also in northern hemisphere. There is no question of visiting there.

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    When there is a total Solar eclipse, the full sunlight is absent for a couple of hours. Those who have experienced may know how eerie and weird the atmosphere and environment looks and feels. All the animals, birds and creatures behave in special and strange ways. If this as a result of absence of sunlight for a little time what can happen if sunlight is not there for a whole day?
    We have learned about Polar day (and Polar night too) at the Poles of Earth, when the night is more than even 24 hours at a stretch. We can only imagine that situation sitting here. Let it not happen here.
    There is a song in an old Malayalam movie wondering what will happen if the suddenly Sun rises at midnight. There will be total chaos and many people will be exposed for their dark deeds during night. Similarly there can happen many dark deeds if people know sun has disappeared for some good time.

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