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    Share a mischievous memory of your childhood

    The golden period of our life is childhood and we never forget many movement or events of our childhood. We had done many mischievous activities and learnt lessons from that movement of childhood.

    I remember that in our school there was no voting for class monitor. Our class teacher was given the right to make a class monitor. I remember that we were in class VII and all the students decided to select our class monitor by voting. There were two groups in the class. Both groups selected one student of class monitor. The student of our group won the election and celebrated the event and enjoyed it very much. Gulal and Flowers were used and there was a lot of wastes in the school groups and surrounding. The students of other groups reached to the principal and submit a complaint against us that we have conducted an election and celebrated like this. The next day we were punished by principal and class teacher. But today I remember that event, a smile comes on my face and remember that golden period of my childhood life.

    Members are requested to share their memory in this thread.

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    It was the time when I had started speaking and walking on my own fluently and quickly. I don't remember my age but hasn't started going to school, may be around 3 years old but I remembered everything, that's a fact.
    My mom along with my sister has gone to purchase some stationary from a nearby shop when I was sleeping. Suddenly I woke up and searched for my mother everywhere in the house but couldn't find her. I then straightway went to another nearby shop and sat there on the bench. When the shopkeeper asked me what I wanted. I demanded for a copy and a pencil. He said okay and told me to wait for sometime. He also offered me some juice and chocolates to which I denied. Meanwhile my mother reached home and couldn't find me anywhere in the house. She become tensed and searched the whole colony. Other members of the society also joined my mother in searching me. Finally a havoc was created in the society. The shopkeeper where I was sitting, when he heard the noises, he went out of the shop and asked what has happened and he came to know about the incident. He told my mother that your daughter is sitting here and asking for a pencil and copy. My mother rushed to me and hugged me tightly.
    That was the incident in my life when I decided that I would never be going anywhere without telling my mom.

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    I have studied in a boarding school which was for only boys. When we are in our VIIIth std, 3 of us thought of bunking the school and go for a movie just for the fun of it. We all were on the football team and have to practice every day in the morning. We planned to move after our practice and go for the morning show at the nearby theatre. After the practice, we change our clothes and wore good clothes, took the bus and reached the spot. We were afraid but wanted to try it and had to return before the school gets over at 1:00 PM. One of our sir who was in the boarding use to teach in the nearby school and would go there on his cycle. After the movie, we were moving towards the bus stop that our sir crossed our path on his cycle and noticed us. He didn't say much but just a hi and left. In the evening when everyone was in the dining hall for dinner, he announced, "today I saw some mates near the theatre. They had bunked the school and I know them, I would like them to meet me after their dinner in my room. We went to his room after dinner, we got black and blue from him and imposition, " I won't bunk my class and go for a movie again" - 1000 times. We never repeated such things and do talk about it whenever we meet.
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    I was five years old when I playing at home outdoors on sitting on top of the staircase and my brother was gone to school. At that time my father was gone for working in the company and my mother was working in the kitchen. Usually, I tend to play there with the mud collected, suddenly when I changed my side, I fell from the staircase which eventually brought me bleeding. My mother rushed me to the hospital, there was a handful of nurses and staff for taking care of me and they put a number of stitches on my head and later tend to take injection where I resisted and three or four nurses put my hand down and took the injection. This was mischievous behaviour at the hospital. Later the mark in my head did not go away and it is still present in my head. Later my parents usually make me tease by telling this story. I hope it was a nightmare in my life.
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    Childhood is always agog with good memories of bad happenings as we were four brothers and when we go outside the mischievous things do happen. My brother is the architect of mischievous behavior and we all act under his direction. Once we went to Tank Bund area when the new statues are being installed by the govt and we want to see those statues and the personalities who are being installed as statues. Suddenly my brother played prank and was seeing the Hussain Sagar lake with question mark and doing gestures through hand. The passerby were thinking that some one has fallen inside the lake and he is pointing out that. Soon many has gathered and could not find anything and virtual traffic jam has happened and we brothers coolly pushed away from that spot and enjoyed the whole lots of people searching for something which never happened.
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    While I was in my sixth standard, A Hindi film 'Bees Saal Baath'(After 20 years) was released. The film was of a booth story. I and my friends bunked the afternoon class and went for the movie. Unexpectedly, that afternoon, my father visited my school to see me not present in school. He visited my school at 4.30 to carry me home. The film show was over at 1700 hrs. Having not found me in the school, my dad visited my grandma's home to check my presence there. No. He was disappointed. When I returned home at 1800 hrs(After the evening games period) my father asked my whereabouts during the afternoon. I said," I did not feel well, and I was resting at Grandma's home."

    That day was a horrible day for lying in my life. My father charged me like police. I fell sick. At night, my father consoled me and said, "Don't ever repeat this in your life." Yes. It never happened in my life. I am sharing it with you after many years (Bahuth saal ke baath)

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    I used to be very careful in my school as my uncle ( My father's brother) was a teacher and any small issue will reach him through the teachers. Everybody used to do a lot of mischiefs. But I have no chance of doing that.
    One of my friends was not able to fare well in the examinations. So he requested me that he will draw the figure in my record book and I should write the practical part in his record book. I accepted and one day we are doing that in the classroom. The teacher noticed that and he scolded me like anything. I am very much worried not for his scolding. But with a worry that he will go and inform my uncle and inturn my uncle will tell the same issue to my father and I have to face my father in the evening. But luckily the teacher never informed the same to my uncle and I am happy that I have no problems, my father. This is what I remember today also.

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    We were going for tutorials, our teacher's house was inside the campus of a famous industry. We took a walk every day and on our way would robe all the guavas from the gardens of neighbours. The next day, our school bag be filled with guavas. All the students request us to share and we would be munching in between the classes.
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    The one thing that comes immediately to my mind is as below.

    I think we were in fifth class. Our teacher had the habit of walking up and down between the rows of benches to watch each and every student in the class minutely and to know what they are actually doing in her class.

    One day a classmate brought a few strands of a particular grass. It has a feature that if we rub the tip end of the grass even slightly on clothes, the seeds will stick to the cloth. One strand itself will have hundreds of such deeds. It is very difficult to remove them. They have to be removed picking one by one very carefully. So on that day when the teacher moved near our bench and desk, we kept the grass strand ready and rubbed on her Saree without her knowledge. When she moved near her table all students could see the seeds sticking on the Saree.
    A few students chuckled. She caught them and asked. They showed her the seeds sticking on her Saree. But she never thought that we had done that. As the grass was commonly seen on the sides of the road and fields, she would have thought that it happened on her way to school. Or she could have deliberately forgiven us also. Only she and God know.

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