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    Which are your best Brainstorming place and time?

    Brainstorming is your creative Power to generate great ideas to any problem or thing. It helps us be newfangled on demand. Brainstorming can be at a time easy, sometimes exhausted, sometimes motivating and sometimes effective. While brainstorming one need to anchor on quantity over quality as it will help get more innovative thoughts and will be able to crop down to the best one after scrutinising. We need to jot down what comes to our mind at regular interval as it vanishes as ideas keep on cropping and you many miss many thoughts after a certain time or period.

    Now, coming to the main point about the post as the title accentuates, The best brainstorming place and time. Many can get ideas when they are at a lonely place, for some when they are ideal, for some when they are relaxing, for others when they are on their bed, some in the toilet, in the night, early morning, etc. For me, my best place for brainstorming is the toilet, as many topics surfaces and be at any time. I write some but many just vanish after a few hours. So it is always better to write it down on a piece of paper for more study.

    After reading yesterdays post of Venkiteswaranji about do you feel the thread challenge fatigue it made me think that I do brainstorming and get new thoughts but even after doing it am getting the frazzle of the contest? Do you brainstorm for topics, contest, projects, etc and where is your brainstorming mostly done and when? Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

    (My 9th entry for the ISC 13th Birthday Special - A thread a day challenge. )
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    The brainstorming session of mine is my terrace. It is my habit to go on top of my house and spend a few hours walking over the tiles placed on my terrace. I prefer to be there during moonlight. I walk up and down. Sometimes, I start counting the tiles. That is the time I get new ideas. I used to look at the moon and think a lot. At that time many new things take birth in my heart.

    Once, on a full moon day, I wondered to see the black spots on the moon's surface. After analyzing it, I found the black spots are nothing but the world map on the moon. It is the shadow of the earth on the moon's surface. If you have a close look at it, you see the world map on the moon's surface. Black is the land and the white is the sea.

    Did you observe this? If no, spare your time to watch it on the next full moon day, and say whether I am right or wrong.

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    Brainstorming is a tool used by a group of people to get a most reliable and suitable solution to a common problem they have. In Organisations, we will be using this for finding out the root causes of the problems and finding a solution to that. This brainstorming is the tool that is used by Quality Circles for finding out a solution to the quality problems also.
    There is no rule that we should have more than one person for this brainstorming. Even a single person can storm his brain to get a solution. I will be thinking about the problem that is present to me always until that is solved. I may be eating or doing some other work, I may be thinking about that problem. But I will be thinking seriously about that problem in the night when I go to bed. I will not get sleep so fast and I will be thinking about that problem. Finally, I think of a way and then sleep. Sometimes, it happens I may go into the sleep without a reply to the solution. In such case many times I will get up all of a sudden from my sleep, a solution will come to my mind at that moment. This happened to me many times.

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    My brainstorming place is my computer room which is always agog with activities either I will be busy or my children would be busy. When I sit before the computer, surely many new ideas would emanate in my mind and that would be brought in the writing form. As my wake up is at the wee hours of the morning, the tranquil time, the space and the ideas give the definite way for me to create any content and also solution to the ideas which we were thinking last might and could not zero in. So my computer room is always dear to me and when I settle down in this table the thoughts would keep on running in my mind and that would be converted into writing content. Even the response to this post was as prompt as possible from my thought process and thus finished writing in jsut three minutes without even going through any other threads.
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    Brainstorming an idea can be any place where you get full energy and positive vibes for your thought. My main place is when I walk around the home or in the garden area. I used to think about the topics for the next day and I plan it accordingly. Everyone will have different areas for getting good topics and it depends on our mood and interest in creative work. Posting a thread a day is not a problem for most of the members, as new thread are emerging day by day. It is a compelling task to give reply for all kind of post threads and we are doing it daily.
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    I get to ruminate on the problems on hand when lying on the bed before sleeping, while sitting on the western closet, while taking a bath and while travelling. The best from all these is when travelling in a bus or train and I get a seat by the window. I feel the seclusion and exclusivity being lonely in the crowd help me do a churning inside and bring out the cream of a solution. It is very interesting that I will be thinking as well as enjoying the sights on the road too. I have somehow learned to close my eyes and 'keep myself on power saving mode' even while travelling standing inside a crowded bus. I would also keep thinking and reviewing about the various issues I was facing. Many times, before I reach destination I would have got a solution or a satisfactory alternative to tackle the matter. Earlier also I had mentioned about this in some of my posts in forum.
    I read newspaper while sitting on the western closet. Sometimes I use that time for thinking on something. It need not be my personal matter, but can be about general matters regarding what I read in newspapers, some talk I had with someone, some jokes, or even some general knowledge doubts. Similarly I take some time to think and imagine on various matters while lying on bed before sleeping. Sometimes the thoughts may lead one to another and I may not get sleep for quite a while. All these can be considered as my brainstorming times and places.

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    I get many of the ideas in the toilet and many of my colleagues have said the same thing. I don't know the reason but your thoughts keep on popping up and you can keep on thinking till you get a knock on the door from your family member.
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    I am a bit amused by this post. For me there is no such fixed place or time. I am since my school days an imaginative person and learned a lot from my mother who wanted to see me to know more than her and somehow she succeeded in getting that goal. Because of my varied hobbies in addition to manage a household I am always thinking newer things and ideas. I share them in ISC also, some times. During my young age I learned so many things especially related to household that learning has become a way of life for me. Due to my various hobbies from cooking to painting, I get less time for other engagements but try to learn anything that seems possible for me to adopt. My only regret is that as I did my education in humanities and not in science stream, I am missing a vast knowledge of that arena and feel a bit handicapped in that area.
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