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    Do you agree that money can buy everything in this world till we live?

    There are people who believe that money cannot buy everything in this world at least love, peace, and happiness. But there are people who believe that money can buy everything in this world. When we think deeply we really find there is also truth in it. Practically in real life, it appears to be a big truth. Suppose a good family where each member has a love for each other and are living peacefully. Because of heavy losses in business suddenly, if a financial crisis occurs in the family and we can see so many changes in the family. Frequent quarrels occur between the family members, peace and happiness will be lost, the relationship between the members also gets diluted. Now the family is not happy like in the past. So money can do anything. People who are not blessed with money have to suffer a lot for their existence. Some may say people who are rich cannot be happy and have no peace. People blessed with huge money can feel happy and peace in mind by donating to needy.

    Members, do you believe that money cannot buy everything in this world till we live? (OR) Do you believe that money can buy everything in this world till we live? Members, give your preference out of these two and also the supporting reasons for your decision.

    This is my 9th July thread to ISC 13th Birthday contest
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    Money plays a vital role in our life. It becomes the base for many to get a comfortable life which is attached to the material but when you talk about mental happiness, it cannot be guaranteed. When we question Do you think money can solve life's every problem? Many of you would agree with me that, it cannot solve every problem. Money can build a house but cannot make it a home, money can buy relations but cannot make it cordial, money can buy you medicine but not health, money can buy you functions but not happiness, money can buy you people but not loyalty, money can buy you gadgets or technology but not security, money can buy you doctors but not a happy death or funeral, etc. So now if you ask Is money everything in life? My answer would be, NO! Money is essential for a good and easy life but time changes and this money may not be of any use to you. The best example is of Alexander the Great.
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    In our village, there was an old man. He was having a good amount of money and properties. He and his wife were staying and no children. He used to be very miserly and never helped anybody. So nobody used to go to their houses. They were struggling a lot. He used to ask others to help him but nobody was helping him. That was a clear example that money can't give you everything and anything.
    At the same time without money, we can't survive in this world. These days without money no work could be carried out. So money is also important. Money is not everything. A little bit of kindness and helping nature are also required so that we can help others and we can get help from others when we want.
    More than all that Health is very important. Even though you have a lot of money but your health is not good you can't enjoy your life. Now we are seeing COVID 19. We feel sometimes what we will do with the money. We can't go anywhere and we can't eat anything we want.

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    Money is an important entity and it is said that money makes the mare go. We cannot underestimate the power of money. You can hire the world class lawyers and consultants to fight your case if you are unluckily caught in a scam. At the same time there are certain things that money cannot manage and that is the peace and happiness in one's life. Sometimes the average person might be happier than a rich one.
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    Money is also an important commodity which is needed at critical times, but money cannot buy you happiness and love. Even though if you are small family, you will have a helping hand to help them in every possible manner. If you are from a rich family, the concerned person will not have an interest in helping the needy people. This is the main difference between the rich and small families. It depends upon the attitude of the person to undergo such changes. If you need to buy something, we need the money and for raising our child, money is more important for us. It is better to keep our health better during this pandemic because anything can happen in our life. We all do not overcome this situation and the people must understand this and must generate a social distancing when going outwards.
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