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    Can online education replace the conventional teaching for pre-primary kids?

    Today all schools are operating in online mode. The schools are providing with live classes as well as prerecorded subject videos. The online live classes conducted by the teachers are providing explanations and teaching in very close to real manner. Whereas the prerecorded tutorials contain animations and drawings which are difficult to be shown by teacher in live online session. These multimedia based subject videos are more explanatory as well as interesting to the students.

    This new evolved methodology of teaching seems good for students of above 10 years age. But for toddlers and pre-primary students this system is somewhat in question. The younger kids get are attached to their teacher more than any computer or mobile. At this age the teachers are as good as their second mother. In school, the pre-primary students are made comfortable by the teachers with physical touch and soothing while teaching them new language and communication.

    Pre-primary or primary school students age is so small that they need emotional bonding with the teacher. In my opinion, this is not possible in online study. Do you think online education can replace the conventional teaching for pre-primary or primary students?

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    I agree. For high school students, this online teaching may be good and acceptable, but for primary school students, it may not be their cup of tea. They can't concentrate on learning. They may be playing with their toys while on classes are going on. In Hyderabad, some private schools are offering online coaching to playschool students. I asked them what they are teaching? The answer is very peculiar. They say they are taking one hour class to the parents of playschool students. This is a way to collect fees. It is absolutely waste and no use of online classes up to 5th class at least. Many small private schools are also concentrating on online education for students.
    If you ask a kid to sit silent and hear the lesson, he will never do it and he can't concentrate on hearing the lecture. He will continue playing only. So it is a waste of time only. I have no faith in such online classes to preliminary students.

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    At the present scenario of lockdown where the parents of most of the children are at home, online education can replace the conventional teaching for pre-primary or primary students. The parents are at home and they can make their children learn what is taught online. Every parent(father or mother) can sit with the child and make them sit and learn everything that is taught. It is to be noted that the online class is only for 1 hour for small children and they are not taught lessons but some rhymes, stories, action songs, words, etc. In this way, the children will get familiar with learning, studies and their teachers. When parents sit with the child, they will be able to understand and even know how the online class is helping their children or if he is finding it difficult to grasp. The same can be communicated to the teachers or school for the betterment of the teaching.

    If we take this to the next level and take it as normal, it will be difficult to make children sit for online classes when no-one is around or their parents have left to work. For Pre-primary or primary school students who are small needs good attention and for that teachers need to be present and thus may not heed in their absence.

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    On line classes are alright for the pupils having attained at least 12 years studying in class seven. Such pupils can understand the purpose of on line classes and as because they are aware of its purpose and benifits they would pay full attention to such a system. The same thing is not applicable to the kids studying in classes one or two. They are the innocent kids not able to concentrate fully on such classes. Though they may glue to the screen but momentarily but again they would switch over to their toll playing. This is not right age when they would realise the very objective of such a mode. Regular classes are entirely different where the small kids enjoy the association of their teachers and the teachers know how the classes can be made interesting with the occasional short stories if included in the class session. Even the teachers can pamper them with a gentle touching.

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    Online education is good for High school students and as well as for college students, but for pre-primary kids, online education is difficult as it will be difficult for the kids to sit online up to the class finishes. Many of the parents will find it difficult to place the child for a long time for the class. Most of them will be working people and it will be difficult for them to handle this situation. We must adjust to this situation and for most people they have adjusted and started class in online. The traditional way of teaching cannot be exchanged with the online class as both are different in nature. The natural bonding between the teacher and student will not be there in the online class. As most of the children will not sit online for hours and it will be difficult to mark attendance for them. We can hope that this pandemic will decrease soon and we will return to our normal way of teaching.
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    Online teaching and learning is good for older children but for pre-primary and primary, from my side there will be a big 'No'. Because smaller kids are unable to understand themselves and require assistance at each and every step. However, schools are conducting their classes online for all classes but no body is monitoring properly that whether a child is learning or not. They are facing many difficulties in online learning. But the present situation can make the children prepare for the future and they will be able to easily adapt themselves to the changing situations. But in any case online learning can not replace the classroom learning due to its many limitations.

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    I am also having same opinion as majority of the fellow members here have expressed. Online education is good option for children above 10 or 12 years of age. But, it is practically useless to opt for online education for pre-primary students. In case of primary students the online classes are mostly attended by parents, and not the children.
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    It is true, teachers cannot teach through online for primary and pre-primary classes. Parents were writing the child's book while students attended the regular class, now there is no track at all.
    They can enjoy watching videos but the concept content and their feedback can never be expected from all the students related to one particular class.
    Evaluating procedures through online tests also cannot be helpful as parents help on answering the questions.

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    My view is also the same that online education cannot replace the conventional teaching even for the students up to fifth standard as their mind cannot be concentrated at particular target. Their minds are normally distracted by any new thing or sound by their side even in school class rooms and it is very difficult to make them to sit before television or computer for more than five minutes. I am seeing in may primary schools, pre primary schools that the teachers are sitting on the ground among the children for making learning in them. This is good and successful way. I used to tell parents to teach their children or watch their children while doing home work by sitting near them friendly and never dictating them to do homework.

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