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    Carelessness is our enemy.

    A good driver. A great scholar. A great warrior. Whoever it is, one should be careful. If one is not careful, he will be destroyed. Careless driving will lead to accidents. A careless attitude of the warrior may result in defeat. A good scholar will also be defeated by other scholars if he is careless in various debates and arguments.

    One who is overconfident will be careless. So never be overconfident. Never think that nothing will happen. Don't take anything for granted. Attention should be paid even to the smallest detail. One should be alert always and one should be focussed on the issue. Then only we can be sure of our success. Careless people will always be the losers.

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    Carelessness may cause severe damage to an individual in any aspect of life. Carelessness in driving may lead to loss of life, carelessness in maintaining an industry leads to accidents, carelessness of a doctor in surgery leads to death of a patient, carelessness in carrying any work leads to disaster. To avoid carelessness one should not be hurried in carrying out any task, the mind should be kept cool in carrying out a task, give more importance to each and every step you carry out to complete a task.

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    For that matter carelessness in matter by not attending the issues in time would lead to huge expenses or losses. Only yesterday I had been to one of my relative and when she served me the coffee, I smelt the gas leakage and asked her whether she switched off the gas stove. She said yes. But the smell is continuing and I got doubt. Immediately verified that the gas is leaking from the back of the switch and it needs to be replaced as the flame can be seen if the gas is switched on. Immediately I alerted her husband and son to go for repair as no male member would be there the whole day. But the son got more frightened with the gas leak and he immediately went for a new gas stove purchase and installed it. I was there to install the new gas stove. So instead of attending the small problem with their carelessness they spent huge on getting a new stove to replace.
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    It is true that carelessness can bring defeat for what we do in good attention. If we are not having the confidence to win in the work, surely we will get defeated. Being overconfident can bring our career to a stop and some other person will get into the limelight. We must pay our simple attention to the type of job we do, don't make our careless attitude to losing respect towards us. It always is seen that some people give careless attitude even if he or she does a great job and such people will not be appreciated and this leads to the overconfidence in their life. It can lead to damage to a family or a person. Carelessness can bring different problems and it is not limited to one aspect.
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    Very true that one needs to be careful and not careless. How great a person he is, a small carelessness can change everything. A professional driver who knows everything about the vehicle and the road if he overlooks a stone, it can cause an accident that may prove fatal. A great warrior if is overconfident can be killed by even a small soldier. The best example is of "David and Goliath" which is written in 1 Samuel chapter 17. A great scholar can be defeated by his own overconfident. Have faith and trust in what you do and on your strength but never ever overlook or look down on others as it does not take much to change the time. As it is said that the strongest and tallest tree can be thrown to the ground by a mighty wind so also, a good thought and firm faith can turn anything. So never be overconfident but be gracious of what you have. Never be careless or overconfident but be humble in what you do.
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    Look before you leap, is a lesson we were taught very early itself. It cautions us not to be hasty and be careful before doing anything. In anything there is some risk involved. If we are careful we can eliminate or minim is the risk. Whenever we used to go out in night our parents advised us to take a torch and cautioned us to be careful.
    At every step in our life we have to be careful. The more risk involved, the more care we have to take.

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