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    Keep moving to balance the cycle of life

    Hope everyone here knows how to ride a bicycle. The one thing about a bicycle or any two-wheeler is that to keep your balance, you need to keep on moving. The moment you stop, you take a drastic fall. The same is true about life. Just like a bicycle, we need to keep on moving to keep our life from falling apart. Life, with its numerous ups and down, is very much unpredictable. Setbacks like loss of a loved one, loss of a limb, loss of property or even a job loss are very painful. At such times, life kind of stops for us. Many are driven to despair and depression, some even to the extent that they simply lose the motivation to live. However, just like in the case of a bicycle, where we continue to pedal, to keep us from falling, in life too we should move on, irrespective of the setbacks. We should not get stuck to time, to those unfortunate moments that are part of every human's life. We should start living again, enjoying every day as it comes. No good sulking or brooding over things over which we do not have any control. We should move on, lest we forget that happiness and sorrow are part of life and after every sorrow comes a happiness.

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    As the sun rises everyday mornings, a new hope has to arise from within to see life from a positive perspective. As the cycle has two wheels, the partners in our life should also drive together to get utmost fulfilment in our lives. If there is a problem with one, the other does not move ahead.

    Every day the new rays of hope heal all the problems and we are back into our routine life, forgetting bitterness, looking ahead for a prosperous life.

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