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    Gifting joy to a child

    All kids love toys and the excitement of receiving one is a huge joy for them. I feel that today more often than not people will gift something electronic like a hand-held video game or a battery-operated toy car or some such gizmo. Worse is gifting a toy gun and dangerous to gift something that is a choking hazard. Whatever happened to some nice puzzles or a simple board game? Even colouring books are lovely gifts for older children who can be given, along with it, colour pencils or sketch pens. Pop up books and picture books are also something useful to gift a little child.

    At some point of time, a gadget with a screen is going to be a part and parcel of the child's later years as a teenager and as an adult. Let's not expose them to screen-time at a young age or give them something like a toy gun that will get them hooked into online violent games later.

    Gift joy by all means, but think twice what form it takes before doing so.

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    I remember an old thread of yours on the same subject. Let it be. I am a bit different in choosing gifts for children. I would think of a memorable gift that will remain on the showcase forever. It would be an unbreakable item, maybe a toy that can live long. I don't like toys connected to batteries. I am dead against presenting a gun toy. Such things can be bought from the parents budget, not by the guests invited to birthday parties. One of my friends presented my daughter with a Russian toy with its winking eyes. That is still with my daughter even after she has become a doctor.

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    A good thought by the writer. As we are in the 21st century and having a nuclear family and a good salary, we often try to follow others and be like them to be of the same standard in the society. As you mentioned, At some point in time, a gadget with a screen is going to be a part and parcel of the child's later years as a teenager and as an adult. Let's not expose them to screen-time at a young age or give them something like a toy gun that will get them hooked into online violent games later.

    Nowadays, it has become a part of our lifestyle to hand our mobile or smartphone to our children and even feel proud in saying that they can use it better and sometimes they are the one who teaches us how to use it. They know how to open our mobile phone, they play games in it for hours and we allow them to do it as we feel that they will be quiet while they are playing games but have we ever thought about the adverse effect it is gonna have. As they grow, they too will be using it but let them be safe from radiation, blue rays and internet world for the time being for their good health. Let us give good toys that will help them improve physically and metally.

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    As we are living in a world where the technology is getting advanced and the style of the family is also changing. Earlier we had a single home with a good number of people were part of the home, now the situation has changed the family is getting split into nuclear families where we are living at a different place. Our child will not have a place to play if there is no activity there and that's why children are exposed to little toy guns or other things. Parents must gift their child which can be good for them to remember for their long life. Put some puzzle board game which can be interesting for them and at the same time innovate them to teach meaningful aspects towards their career life. Make them understand on how to behave nicely to all of the family members and tell them that toy gun can lead to online addiction to the games. The parents of the family must take proper steps not to give their mobile phones for playing games at a young age itself. It can lead to a lack of interest in their studies and they will not reach anywhere in there life.
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    I was travelling to New Delhi last year. My granddaughter asked me to get chocolate from there. At that time she was just 1.5 years and we were not allowing her to eat chocolates. So she asked me to get chocolate. While coming back to Hyderabad, at Delhi airport I have seen a beautiful dress and I purchased that. I have taken normal chocolates also., As soon as enter the house she asked what did I bring for her. I have shown her the dress. But she was not very happy. Then I have given her the chocolate. Her happiness knew no bounds.
    It is true that we should give gifts which will be useful to the children. At the same time, we should not expose them to electronic gadgets. Giving them books with diagrams and storybooks etc will be a good option. Dresses also will be good I think.

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    It is rather difficult to know which toy or gift would suit the minor children. However, one thing is is sure, they will be hooked to such items which they might have seen in their freind's possessions. May be one of his freind's has a range of costly toys gifted by his uncle and he would like to have it from one of his close relations. If you are really interested to please the child, offer him a gift of the similar make. You can make the event interesting by telling the ward some of the salient features of the newly bought dolls to make him curious of such a presentation. With the time, he would loose interest with that doll, but the way you highlighted its features would remain in his mind for long.

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    The toys we have to give as a gift should help the child to learn new skills and help in the mental growth. The toys should help the child to carry activities like pull in, put out, add on, build-up, take apart, and put back, etc. The toy should help the child to play many games on it. Children cognitive and motor skills while playing with toys and that is very important for their mental growth. The toys given as gifts should be appropriate to their age.

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    Children have by hereditary some instinct in them which affect there behaviour. They would like to shoot monsters on the screen and feel happy that they killed so many that day only to kill more next day. Then they have craze of speed and would always be curious for screen games especially where guns are shot and the animation presents it impressively before them. These things are all addictive and detrimental to the academic growth of the children and are somehow to be avoided. Best thing is to inculcate some creative hobbies in them like sketching, painting, model making, word games etc so that they get improvement in their mental faculties and then go for an academic course for making their career in it. In this context we have to be precise in selecting the gifts for the children and should not give them anything that instigates them for creating violence or unwanted noise.
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    Kids are innocent and immature to think about what is good for them and what is not. It is up to us how we teach them about useful and harmful toys and things. We should prefer board games which can be played with a family, block games, puzzles, etc. But then as I said, kids are innocent and they learn from us. So it is our duty to make any game attractive and engaging for them. One game can be good for one kid and boring for another.

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    Yes Sun, indeed I did raise a similar thread, had asked for suggestions as well if I recall for gifting young children and had uploaded a photo too of the stationery kit and colouring books that I had bought as a birthday gift. Now what I was bringing up was the tendency of people to think only on the lines of giving a gizmo and not think beyond that at all. It's like, "Let's give a video game. The kid will be kept busy."

    Dr Rao - yes, I think once in a while it is indeed nice to gift something the child really wants, but this should be curtailed in the sense that it should not go to the point of pampering. Otherwise, the child will continue to always expect to get exactly what he/she wants. Same with what Sheo Shankar Jha said - simply because another child has something and your kid wants it does not mean we should right away get the same or similar thing.

    Ramakrishna Kambhampati mentioned toys that can be put together - oh, yes! Kids do love taking apart things in the first place so something that can be dismantled and joined again is quite fascinating for them. That is why Lego blocks are so popular. Of course, as I mentioned, we have to keep in mind that we should not give toys that are small or are containing small pieces that can be removed and put in the mouth. The age-appropriate toy should be given.

    Padmini mentioned a valid point as well, that something which is interesting for one child may be completely boring for another. It thus becomes a little difficult to think of a game, puzzle or toy that may genuinely interest the child.

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    If people are rich and can afford then it does not mean that they would give hi-fi gifts to the kids. By doing that we are going to make them as spoiled kids. They should be give some puzzle solving games which might help them in learning new things.
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