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    I long to see a thread like this

    Dear All,
    We are running a long-distance race to run for 15 days to win a prize. 15 threads for15 days with 23 members on the race. It makes 15x 23 = 345 threads. If each member attempts to respond to all the 315 threads, the total responses would be 345x20 = 6900 responses.

    Can we really expect to see 6900 responses? NO. Alas! I hardly see responses to the threads raised by the contesting members. A thread receives maximum of 10 responses and minimum of 1 or two responses.

    I would like to see a thread responded by all the other 22 members. The author of that thread will deserve to be a winner of this contest.

    Is there any thread that has received 22 responses from the members? If yes. Indicate that thread here. If not, Members should try their best to post such a thread that would attract the members to post their response without a miss.

    Your comments, please.
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    It is true that if every member of this site participated in this contest and then how much will be the volume of forum thread?. Only we are able to see more forum threads emerging, but giving responses to the forum threads has been discouraging. If all the members have participated in the forum, then it would be a gift for the ISC. As of now most of the members are interested to get a handsome amount of money from ISC, so they are not able to give participation to it. I request the editors to increase the cash points and credits for those who participate in the forum thread. Then only we can see an increase in participation and it would give good traffic for the site. Each member must take some time to participate in the forum so that the activity can be encouraged.
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    From the above I could get 10 or more responses for three threads out of 9 posted as of today.

    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I have not seen any thread with more than 12 responses. Many are in the range of 8 to 10. Too many threads. We are not able to see all the threads even. We have to see 3 or 4 pages of index to cover all the threads for which we can reply. Really a difficult task. I am trying to cover as many as possible. But time is the problem. I have to attend to my other jobs also. I think ISC will never go for quantity. It cares for quality. That we are all seeing. So what is the basis for announcing gifts also is not known for this contest? All participants are enthusiastic and trying to do their best.
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