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    Write three words that comes from you immediately after reading this thread

    At this present juncture, if someone comes to you and asks you " Say three words that come to your mind at this point of time."

    What would you say? Let us know the three words that take birth from your mind, immediately after reading this thread?

    Come On, friends. type immediately before you get your words changed.
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    One thread daily. These are the three words I got in my mind immediately after reading your thread. Because we are seeing everywhere on this forum section this contest only. I have finished " one thread daily" for today. What is there for tomorrow. Maybe many of the members may be thinking like that. 9th day is over and 9 threads are over. Another six are pending. Concentrate and finish.
    always confident

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    My three words to utter at this juncture.
    1. Corona
    2. Economy
    3. War

    No life without Sun

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    My three words are Wonderful, Active, Determined. I trying to be active in this site, earlier I was not contributing properly. With my Determined decisions I trying to be good and producing good content for my site. This site is also a wonderful one and I have suggested to my friends about this site and they are giving me the applause for recommending this site to them.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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