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    I have a word to enjoy. Do you have such words to enjoy?

    The word Desserts gives me joy. It is the cool ice creams, Falooda, Chocolates, etc. It is said that while you are stressed, just start eating desserts. That helps us to be joyful and takes away our stress.

    Stressed, when written in the reverse, it forms Desserts. Is it not a lovely cool word?

    Do you have any such interesting words of this kind? Share it here.

    If you have no words to share, You can join me and comment on this good word.
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    I like eating watermelon fruit. The fruit pieces will get chilled if we keep them for some time and that will be very good to eat. You will get cooled and you will feel happy. I prefer eating these pieces during summer every day based on the availability. I like desserts also and used to eat regularly. But these days I have reduced eating desserts due to the fear of an increase in weight.
    It is very good to note that you will get relieved of your stress by eating desserts. You did a lot of research to find out this word. I appreciate your interest.

    always confident

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    I like Falooda and chocolates and it is having a special taste in it. I usually eat this mainly on summer days and I don't take too much because it can gain weight. If we eat too many desserts or chocolates it can increase sugar in our body can lead to more problems.
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