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    Morale of teachers are interrelated with students performance

    Why students have low scores? Why their classroom engagement is not up to the mark? More than 20% of students are low performers in key subjects like Maths and Science.

    Parents should encourage students without comparing with better-performing students. The problems of learning should be identified at initial stages to support learning through different skills.

    The enthusiasm of teachers makes a drastic impact on their academic achievement and day to day activities at school. This has an impact on students involvements too. The teacher should have psychological, pedagogical skills and should be stress-free within the school environment.

    If the teacher provides individual attention and supports and parents also encourage students. The morale of the students can be improved thus enhancing the scores in subjects.

    Express your views.

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    Dronachharya felt happy and blessed Arjuna as he is the best performer among all his students. He liked him more than his son. When he wanted his students to arrest Drupada and bring him, all Kauravas went and failed. But Arjuna went and brought Drupada by defeating him. That is how a good student will please his teacher and teacher will like him more than anybody else.
    If a student studied under him gets 1st rank, all the teachers taught him will be very happy and congratulate and encourage that student. They will give an example of that student to next year students. After many years also when the student happens to meet the teacher he will remember that that student is the first rank achiever,
    Similarly, the students will also get motivated by the attention he is getting from the teacher. That makes him perform still at a better level.

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    If the teacher can give more attention and affection towards their children, they will give it back to you. Most of the students are not thinking like this and that is the reason for failing in their respective subjects. The student must understand his duties and must do their homework or assignment at correct time. If you are having any problems at home, you must talk this to your teacher first and then he or she will find a solution for it. Don't argue with your teachers as they are a gift of God and no student must insult their teachers. If a particular student's result is not good, then concerned teacher must find an alternative solution to tackle it. The teacher must maintain the decorum with their student and then only we will understand the problems in life.
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    I had posted a thread Is that Good teachers create good students or good students create good teachers in this Thread challenge series.
    My thinking inthat was that the morale and interest and enthusiasm of each side (teachers or students) depended on the support and interest of the other. Teachers are like factory workers. They feel happy when they see their products get good response. Similarly teachers feel happy when they find the students performing well. If the market response is not good then there can be fault in the design, ingredient mix or the process. Similarly if the students do not perform well then teachers may feel that there is something wrong with their teaching. For some it may be a review for improving. For some it may be de-motivating and will lose morale.

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    In this thread, I am mainly speaking about the teachers who should not bring their outward environmental tensions to the classroom. Once the school, they have to change their minds amidst children, to motivate and improve their skills.
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