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    Why so much hue and cry when someone is ready with a solution in emergency situation?

    When there is a crisis, and if someone is ready to solve the crisis, Why should someone make a hue and cry over the solution?

    I am referring to a vaccine called Covaxin invented by a section of medical community from Hyderabad to save the lives from Corona attack. It is an urgent requirement to arrest COVID.

    While many say that it would take many years or months, someone is ready to have quick clinical trials and introduce it, we should accept it. If the vaccine proves unsuccessful, let us not use it. That's all.

    Why should the medical fraternity oppose this vaccine? Why should they make noise against the vaccine and ICMR. Is it not something like envying or showing enmity against a particular medical community?

    Your views on the subject, please.
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    The firm which producing this vaccine is Bharat BioTech and they have been consistently producing medicines at affordable cost and in the earlier days when Ebola and Flu hit our country, this BioTech produced the medicine in a fast manner. Now the medicine for COVID19 is also getting to be released. The main problem with the ICMR and other firms is that they will lose their market share when one firm releases the drug. Bharat BioTech is producing medicines at 10RS cost so that it will be affordable for all kind of people. other American companies are charging 30 to 40 dollars for medicine, so if our Indian firm is ready to make such medicine, we must congratulate them in this busy situations. We need medicine supply as fast as possible to recover from this pandemic otherwise a lot of people will be infected with this disease.
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    True. There is no point in that. The medicine should be quickly used for clinical trials and see usability. That is the need of the hour. The firm making that medicine is a very famous Biotech company and their R & D is a very popular team and they are always the front runners. There are unnecessary hue and cry against the company and ICMR. This is should be condemned. The government should see that the drug will be tested as fast as possible and if it useful it is very good that we can save people from a big problem.
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