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    No act of kindness is small

    In our lives there are many occasions where we feel that we should help the poor and needy. Depending upon our capacity we try to extend our help in cash or in kind. Some people say that if you want to help then give them something significant so that they can use it, like old clothes or old furniture or even the old utensils. Many of us do not feel it proper to give them the old things as they might not be interested in them. In fact most of the times they only yearn for cash so that they could buy food or other edible items for themselves. I think when it comes to help the poor and downtrodden people we should not feel that we are giving them less or other such considerations as even a small help is big for them. We can even help them in getting free ration from Govt schemes or help them in something which is beyond their imagination. Whatever it is, even a small help from us is a great thing for them. What do you think?

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    Yes, it is true that depending upon our capacity it is good to give cash or other food items for the needy people. During this lockdown period, I have seen one or two people asking for food at our home and we gave food for them by making them sit at certain far place, so it will not have any impact for our life. The needy people either need cash to support their family. Some need ration or food and we must help in all our possible ways. By doing this we will have peace and can think in future that I already saved one person from suicide for the family.
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    True. There is no measure of kindness and help. When there is no money in his pocket and if we are dropping him in our vehicle near his house, it is a great help for him. If one person is very hungry and waiting for some food, he will be happy if you give him some rice with curd. We need not give him desserts and sweets. A timely help what they look for. Once they have some relief they can try on their own for their betterment. Even old clothes which we stopped wearing due to change of sizes can also be given to poor people so that they can wear them. Like this, we need not think we have to show our kindness in a big way only. Whatever we can do we should do. If 10 people do small help collectively the total donations will be huge only.
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    Any act of kindness done sincerely is a noble act. One need not be hesitant to do a kind act just because it is a small act. It should be as per our capacity as per the need of the other person. If we do not have a full bread to share, let us share a loaf at least.

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