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    How'd you feel when you have to attend continuous phone calls while awaiting an important call?

    Talking to someone over a phone is definitely an art and conveniently ending the call is more than an art. If you are hesitant to end the call when the other person is also an important one for you, sometimes it so happens the person is continuously hammering you and you are waiting for some important call.

    Today it happened to me that I was continuously engaged with calls which are unavoidable yet unnecessary at the moment though I was absent-mindedly continued the talk. One phone call from a relative was a long chat (one-sided) and hearing to him, I have finished some homework too. I couldn't interrupt his flow feeling any further response would continue the further discussion. I am very poor in handling such tele-conversations and depend on the other side only to say 'Bye' whenever they stop. I can say that I am awaiting a phone call and would call latter but it looks delicate for me. After his call, some other friend from Bangalore called up and continued his innings and it was my sister's turn to give a briefing of the developments in their area. The one which I was waiting for or I have to make a call was badly delayed.

    How would you handle such situations in a gentle way?
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    As I am not in job now, I do not have such hectic situations. But once in a while, I get two or three calls consecutively. It happens when that is a special day and people call for wishing, or it could be a response to some message I would have sent on a matter to a few people involved in a common service or organisation.

    But when I was employed, I had to attend continuous calls related to office matters from controlling office, clients and other offices. Many times the tea in my front had become cold and frozen, many a time I had to forgo my meals and many a times I had to cut short a few calls even to the displeasure of the callers.
    In the melee and midst of such official calls, many times my wife could not contact me even when something was important.

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    In my case normally all calls received by me are genuine and needy one. So, I never got annoyed or irritated when I received a call in my mobile. I have seen persons do not attend incoming calls immediately but either neglecting or attending lately.

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    I never came across a situation to wait for important calls. Even if there is something like that, I won't get annoyed with the calls. Every call has its importance. I have patience and tolerance. If at all I want to terminate a boring long call, I would say, "Okay, what is Lunch today or dinner today" and divert their attention." Such talks will bring an end to the conversation. Else openly say, " I will contact you later. Someone is knocking at the door."
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    Many times it happens. We may be waiting for an important call. Meanwhile, some call will come and he will not stop talking for a long time. Some times we will get irritated.
    Once our CMD was talking to me on my phone. General he never stops and will continue around an hour or so. At that time I was getting a call from the factory. Generally, I will not get a call from a factory at that odd time. So I was a little nervous. Finally, somehow I completed the call and then I contacted the factory. Nothing serious. I never forget that situation.

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    This has really become a big nuisance in our lives. The rates of mobile phone have now stabilised and the companies are offering packages where unlimited calls are given along with a data say 1.5 GB per day. Such a package costs about Rs 550 for 85-90 days scheme. So people are simply misusing it. In that process some important calls have to wait. Many of my friends and relative daily phone to me and ask whether today also clouds are there and whether it would rain or things like that. Yesterday I got many calls from UP telling me that they have imposed 3 days lockdown in Lucknow. Hilariously speaking, I retorted back that here in Mumbai we have every fortnight a lockdown for 10-15 days so your 3 days is nothing in comparison to our lockdown. So, like that people are passing their time and I am also a part to that ill mannered way of using the mobile facility. God only save us from this unintentional offence.
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