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    Need for Regular Awareness about Waste Segregation to MC Workers

    Nowadays people are getting aware about waste management and they segregate waste at their home in to Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable and then handover it to the people coming from Municipal Corporation for the door-to-door collection of waste material. MC's garbage collection van having three compartments (one for green waste, another for recyclable waste and the third one small compartment for hazardous waste/ e-waste) come daily.

    Though in the municipal garbage van there is always an announcement of instruction for wet and dry waste segregation through the loudspeaker. But it has been noticed many times they collect the waste and carelessly dump in any of the compartment. Even they don't bother whether it is a properly segregated waste and must be disposed of separately. Mostly the garbage collection is being done by the third party hired by Municipal Corporation, and they don't care about it. They just collect the waste from homes and take it to the collection centre where it again segregated. Hence the efforts of the people who are doing segregation at the source are going in vain. There must be some training to aware of these people so they can collect and dispose of segregated waste properly.

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    Only a few residents adopt such techniques of segregation. Most of the time collecting and disposing of the waste is taken care of by maids who are not educated.

    It is accepted the work of educated people is in vain. These wastes are collected from various areas like slums, hospitals, schools, houses and so on. Hence segregation at the final stages is the need of the hour.

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