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    A patriot, always within the heart

    From the day we gain consciousness about ourselves, our environment, our society we are taught about our country, our national symbols, our national anthem and a feeling of patriotism is induced in us.
    At the beginning of our childhood these feelings are inculcated in us but later on it becomes an integral part of us. Whether it is about our offices or malls, a playground or a stadium or whichever place in this world when we hear our national anthem or see our national flag an automatic feeling of respect arises within us and we stand to pay due respect.
    We can't here anything against her country, if someone speaks we become aggressive and sometimes the issue may even take us to fights. We always consider our country as the best. We go to other countries for visits but when we return back to other country we find that the heaven is solely here.
    Such is our patriotism; whatever we are or wherever we are there's always a patriot deep within our hearts. Isn't it something to be proud of?

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    Yes, we are proud of our nation, India. As we all are born and brought up here, the natural resources of this country remain in our minds and souls even though our body travels all over the world.
    Any news, information related to our nation pulls us back to show that we are the citizens of India. We may be out of our country for varied reasons but our blood relation with our brotherhood brings us back with pride, dignity and satisfaction.

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    It is very natural.
    First of all, we love our home and family with Ghar Bhakti
    We love our village with Ghaum Bhakti
    We love our district with Zilla Bhakti
    We love our state and our language with Rajya Bhakti & Bhasha Bhakti.
    We love our nation as a whole with Desh Bhakti which is Patriotism.
    Finally, We should love the earth - Dharti Bhakti.

    All the above should be part of our Heart

    No life without Sun

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    Mother and motherland or more than heaven. In Mahabharath, Bhishma said to his father if somebody asks him his preference between Hasthinapuram and heaven, he will choose Hasthinapuram as it is his motherland. Such is the affection one will have on their motherland. Our mother may be carrying us with her for nine months but our motherland will carry your mother when you are in her. That is why everybody should feel proud of the motherland and we should respect and we should do something good to motherland based on our capacity. Whatever you do it will be less for what she has given to you.
    In Hyderabad, there is an industrialist and he is from a village in East Godavari Dt. He reserves 30% of his profits for the development of his village. If you see that village, it is so developed that everything that is available in the city is available there also.

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    Patriotism is there in the heart and that's why we love our motherland. The feeling starts in childhood and remains all through. It's the feeling for the country that moves us to do certain things so that others also remain happy. We all have a role to play in nation-building and must be aware of our roles. Whatever may be the issue, the nation comes first and we should not dilute the patriotism in any way. A nation will be fully developed if every citizen loves their motherland. This feeling is not something which has to be visible once or twice in a year through our actions on specific days but it should remain within our hearts all the time.

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    Love for motherland once develops never vanishes. It's always in the heart, mind and souls of every person of that country. And it must be inculcated in the children from the day they start understanding things. The love for one's country makes one a citizen engrossed with morals and etiquettes with shoulders able to handle the responsibilities with zeal and vigour.
    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Our nation is our protector. It has given us shelter, job and freedom to move anywhere within its boundary. It has also given us an identity that we are Indian. Even the Indians outside our country feel proud of the fact that they are Indian. In lieu of this our nation wants only one thing from us and that is patriotism. I think we can very well afford to do so. Patriotism is not only to go on the front and kill the enemy. We have to ruthlessly kill the enemies in form of bad elements hidden inside our country who are doing much harm than the outside enemy.
    Knowledge is power.

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