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    Can't we live without electric light?

    I still remember my childhood days when electricity supply wasn't very good in my home town. Lantern was commonly used in every house. We could read our books even in the light of mudy lamp. We all friends would play in the moon light. Our elderly people would not wear glasses but now small children can be seen using glasses because of weakness in eye-sight.

    Why I'm recalling all this because today there has been no light since 4 p.m. and it's about 11:30 p.m. while typing this post.

    This query is striking me if we can't live without light.
    Are we really so helpless ?

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    I lived for more than 12 years without electric lights in my house, Those days many villages were not having electricity. Our village was having a current supply. But in our house, we didn't have a current connection. I used to study with kerosene light in the nights. We used to go to m uncle for tuition. They also didn't have power. So all the students used to carry their kerosene lights to the tuition. My uncle was a teacher. So I think I can manage without current for a day or two. But now we have an inverter in the house. So if there is no current we can manage 5 or 6 hours with that inverter.
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    Yes. Very few can live without electricity. But many cannot live without electricity.

    The poor who lived without electricity, and when they become rich, they start living with electricity. For them, if there is no electricity, they will continue to live happily without electricity. Mainly, it is the old generation people.

    The rich who is born and brought up in electricity, cannot live without electricity. They will suffer lot without electricity. This is the latest generation rich who don't know about the kerosine lamp.

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    About 50-55 years back when I was in my village there was no electricity, no water connection, no gas, no road, no dispensary, no school, no shop and no post office. We had kerosine lamps and lanterns in our houses. We used to light them only after quite some time after sun set when it truly becomes dark to save on the kerosine which was a valuable commodity not only because of price but also due to its limited availability. The person who went to sleep last had the duty of putting them off by lowering the wicks failing which one would get severe hangings next day. We lived like that at that time but now if the electricity goes we become panicky as all our gadgets are useless without that.
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    Certainly not. We can see many people got tension immediately when they find power went and cursing many till current resumption.

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