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    What does 'T' stands for in T- Series?

    T-Series is one of the oldest musical and production companies in Bollywood, and Gulshan Kumar founded it. Initially, Gulshan Kumar started his audio cassettes operation known as "Super Cassettes Industries," which was named as T-series. Since it is quite popular over the globe, we always wonder what T stands for in T-Series.

    T stands for Trishul, which is a symbol of power, and Lord Shiva. And Gulshan Kumar was one of the most religious men in town and was a devotee of Lord Shiva. In the initial days, T-series released mostly devotional songs and videos and Yatra music. Right now, its work gets handled by his son Bhushan Kumar and his younger brother Krishan Kumar.
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    Gulshan Kumar was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Shiva is having a Trishul in his hand always and it is the weapon he uses. That is why he named is as T series. Nice to know.

    During our childhood days, gramophone records were very famous. HMV was a very famous company releasing these gramophone records. The logo was a dog and all the gramophone records were having that dogs picture. Those days the most famous GK question was what is the gender of the dog on HMV records" The full form of HMV is His Master's voice. His refers to the dog. Hence the dog is a male dog.

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    There is no connection between T and God-like Shiva and His Trishul. When Gulshan Kumar's audio was released, it was on tapes that need to be played on tape recorders. Taking the first letter of tapes 'T', it is named as Tape series which is shortened into 'T' series.

    Don't get confused yourself with 'T' This is what the fact.

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