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    Role of Economics in Love!

    Just I was going through an article ' Decoding Love, Economist style' by a young Economics student by name Twinkle Joshi in which she very nicely correlated the concepts of Economics applying to the commodity "love" like any other product. According to her, you can figure out the correct path to your perfect match by the right principles of Economics.

    The exchange of mutual trust and affection was well compared with the barter system. The various elements that contribute to love are loyalty, caring, money, attractiveness, leisure times, personality, etc, are treated here as 'products'. The role of demand and supply comes in where the search is on for suitable candidates offering their products that match their taste.

    If it is for Fun, it's okay just as the spiritual leaders deliver their speech to motivate their followers on the right path. It was quite interesting to read but I wondered whether 'Love' is such a cheap commodity and can be found it in the market; can get it at competitive rates with good quality. Has the value of the word 'Love' diminished? If so, the great love stories - had they gone with the wind?
    Just share your views on this. You can also make a comparison like this with any of such concepts.

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    Love always has the utmost value in every individual's life. It is the way a person can take it, through various walks of life. We can compare love to anything based on our imagination as we had discussed in a thread on how often can you relate to your imagination? most of them love infants and toddlers initially but it will be visible in various forms as the children grow up.
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    If love is taken as a commodity then it has a ice, demand, supply and so economics comes to play. There can be inflated value, depreciation too. There will be also cycles of peak and trouh, up and down, ascending and descending curves etc.
    Overall a lovely thought.

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    Some young people in relationship are even marketing it. The boy is showing off as rich and well to do to the girl's family and the girl is posing as she can run the household easily. Both of them say that they would give their lives for each other if such situation emerges. Like this on many fronts they are marketing themselves to get married soon but the real quality of the product is known only after the sale is completed.
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    Love is not a commodity that is certain to say but at the same time it is something which has to be valued and traded by the two people, who are in love with each other, very cautiously and perfectly. In the game of love even a small remark can spoil the relationships. It is said that we get most hurt by the people whom we love most. So, for earning money we take all care and same care we have to extend to maintain the lovely relationship. A small mistake and we lose it.
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