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    Happiness is always doing the small things right

    If only the rich were to be the only happy people, we would have seen evidence of it. However, the rich, or at least a good majority of them, live miserable lives. They are always under tension and most of this tension is centered around how to safeguard their money under all circumstances.

    However, the reverse is true. Have you seen families where there is no commercial consideration and everyone does the tasks at home, even without someone asking them to do it? Have you seen families that go all out of the way to bear part of the wedding expenses and bring home a daughter and not a daughter-in-law? And thereafter there is always happiness in that residence?

    Unqualified, unconditional love brings about happiness. This can make everyone concentrate on the basics and the entire household becomes one of laughter, jokes, and of happiness. In such households, the smallest of achievements of the children are celebrated and recognized. And that makes all the difference. Normally, such people tend to spread happiness all around. Can we do these small things? Or is this a big ask? To be sure, if we get these small things right, the rest will follow.

    This is my entry for the day 10, that is July 10,2020, a thread a day challenge contest.
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    Very few people understand that small matter more than big things. For a child, even small chocolate, an ice cream, an outing, a movie, a toy, etc bring smile or joy. for your source, just your smile, a word of appreciation, a helping hand in the house chore, etc brings happiness, for your parents, your time, a small conversation with them, asking about their health, having food together, makes them happy. If we notice, these are some small-small things that bring more and frequent happiness. Many believe that only big things can make people happy but even a kind word, a helping hand when in need, support at the time, a lift while going alone, etc can make wonders. We will notice that the poor enjoy life than rich as they are always stressed for various reasons. The poor may not have the best facilities, good clothes, food on the table but whatever they have, they are happy for having it and live it to the full of heart content. Happiness means that your heart is content and satisfied with what you have and do not compare it with others.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    We always get happiness on achieving the work right whether big or small. if a problem is seen and that should be fixed immediately without seeking any one's help and that kind of self progress always gets the best satisfactions in life. Just now a new order has come for mask which had a peculiar design and what we have been stitching is something else. But my wife took it challenge and tried to sort out the new design and came with her own design much to the surprise of the order giver. Now she has become expert in creating mask of designs given by others. And this satisfaction gives immense.
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    Happiness is a state of the mind and we will be enjoying that state of the mind always. When we see a beautiful flower we will feel happy. When we see a kid laughing we will feel happy. Like this many small issues will make us happy. we need not huge and money and we need not spend that money for being happy. When all the family members sit together and have their dinner, that will be a happy moment for all of us. Daily if we spend a little time on family matters that will give us happiness. We can list out many such things which will make us happy.
    Another point is that we should look for happiness in what we have and never look at another person and feel that he is happy and he is happy as he is having a lot of money. The money will never bring happiness. Money may bring your comforts but not happiness. A poor man who had a good meal that night may sleep happily. But a rich man who had crores of rupees will be moving on his bed in his AC bedroom as he is not getting sleep. He will be unhappy why he got only 8% profit this year which is less by 2% than last year.

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    Happiness is not God gifted item. It is not restricted up to rich person. It depends upon person that what quality and criteria having to be happy. Some people would happy by doing small activities like shopping, gossiping, having delicious food. Some people would happy by getting job and award. So, it is definitely a state of mind. Sometimes,poor people are seen happy by earning little money and having full stomach. On other hand, rich people also feel restless by earning crore rupees. In case of children,Ice-cream and chocolate brings happiness for them. To large extent, it can be related with satisfaction of your mind.

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    There seem to be two separate lines of thought here and it is not understood what is the connection - one about rich people, and the other about doing things the right way, no matter how small.

    Why is everyone assuming that a majority of rich people are unhappy, under tension and constantly stressed about their money?! This is yet again a generalized view. People who are earning a lot would be quite content also, isn't it, continuing to work, enjoying activities, taking up hobbies, etc. They also will be happy with the achievements of their own family members, relatives and friends. Why wouldn't they be? It is the contentment with what people have, whether it is a home or money or achievements, that creates happiness.

    As or the other part - yes, that is experienced by everyone. Whenever we complete a task, whether it is a purchase or a project, a household chore or help given to a neighbour, when we get everything done properly to utmost satisfaction, we are content. It is, once again, the sense of contentment that leads to happiness.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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