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    In modern era it does not matter whether we have a son or a daughter

    There was a time in our society when the birth of a son was celebrated with much happiness and enthusiasm than that of a daughter and in some cases there was even an underlying sadness in the family if a daughter was born. At that time there was a clear cut distinction between the two as male was considered as the bread winner and female was a liability as we had to get her married and get her established in some other household. During that era the bride's father was always a worried man. Anyway with advent of education and coming out of the woman from the four walls there took a paradigm shift in these things and today a girl is considered equivalent to a boy as regards to earning potential or support a family. So there is not much distinction in the houses whether a boy is born or a girl is born. Still in some orthodox and backwards families that undercurrent is existing. What do you think about this?

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    Gone are the days when each family used to have so many members with presence of both boys and girls. Then came the era of two children as one daughter and one son. And now people are fed up with the ever increasing cost of maintaining additional child and thus restricting to one child norm. Being one child at the disposal people are adjusting themselves to either have a boy or girl child. But I am of the opinion that those who have one boy child and one girl child are the most gifted one because they fully completed the likes of family to be. And I have seen those families with two male children are yearning to have a girl child and I have also seen two daughters family want to have one son as their next child. It all depends on family to family and how the children are blessed to be born.
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    Son and daughter both are beloved to their parents but they should be considered equal from all aspects in and out of their four walls. Although, Gradually, mindset of people is changing about female child which used to be considered as a burden on her parents but still female aren't given equal status by Man's society in different quarters.

    This reality always pinches me why a job seeker girl is taken for granted by offering her a job in lieu of concurrence to compromise and surprisingly many girls accede to this kind of short cut.

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    It is true that the mindset of people has little bit changed in case of girl child. But, even today many family are there who want son as a single child. Although, we are living in technical era. Despite people are preferring son only especially in rural areas. Girl child's condition can't be said much better in modern era. I have noticed that many educated family felt very sorry on birth of baby girl. Some family assume as son and daughter having same potential in respect of earning but daughter need extra care for secure life. Girl child is not secure in today's society while she is highly qualified. You might have read so many incident relating to girl child in newspaper. Now-a-days, women also suffering a lot at working place. As per my view, very few family would be thinking like that whether have son or daughter does not matter.

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    It should not matter but it matters in some families as mentioned by the author at the end of the thread. As mentioned by Arafatuzzafar and Sanchita Ranjan many girls are still at the receiving end in society. People may become educated, they may even be uplifted economically but that didn't change their beliefs. Still, there are many beliefs related to the birth of a girl and women are not treated equally. Education will give you degrees and certificates. It will help you to earn but when it comes to change your mind you need to take action to change it. The realisation must come from within about which are realistic and which are just some preconceived ideas. As long as people are not working on their minds it will be difficult to change the way they behave. And when it happens there will be no such discrimination.

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    The thought is scribed on the head of some that are difficult to erase. Even with the advancement in technology and people being educated, there are still some orthodox families and caste where they value male children more than a girl child. I had read a post on Facebook where it was written that an IAS applicant writes a 3-page essay on dowry, women empowerment, and status of women in society but during his marriage, his family asks crores as dowry for their son is an IAS officer. The write-up maybe just a story but there are many such cases where women had fallen prey.

    The birth of a girl child solely depends on men as he is the only one having X-Y chromosomes but when a girl child is born, women are blamed. Did anyone question this that women are nowhere responsible for it. When a girl child is born, don't you think that it is what even the Almighty has planned for you for its the male that gave the X-chromosome? We love our mother, sister, our daughter but then why do we not value the girl child? Society is changing and in years, everyone will accept the change and value both gender-equal. I do support the comment of Mohanji(#703078 ) there are families with two male children who are yearning to have a girl child and also seen families with two daughters want to have one son as their next child. It all depends on family to family and how the children are blessed to be born.

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    For a parent, a kid is a kid always irrespective of the Gender. They will treat them equally. These days girls are also doing everything that a boy can do. They are studying well and doing any type of job. In addition to that, they will help their mother in the housework. These days we see scarcity of Girls and boys are not finding girls. Girls are choosing their husband and no dowries these days. So it makes no difference.
    These days many parents are feeling that a daughter be more helpful to them than a son. There is a general feeling that daughters will take care of their parents on old age much better than sons. I don't know how far it is true. But I heard these words from 3 or 4 of my friends. That is why I mentioned this year. No one should think that they should not have a girl child.
    We should decide on the number of children we want to have based on our financial capabilities. We should not think that we should have both male and female child as well.

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    Well said Umesh. In this present world ith gender equality without any gender bias, how a son or daughter matters. What makes the difference between a daughter or son. Both get high education, both have employment opportunities, and both earn a handsome salary. What makes is the difference is - A son will remain with the family, and a daughter would leave the family. Yet she is substituted by a daughter-in-law. Now the world is preferring to have only one child, either a son or a daughter. Be satisfied with whatever you are blessed with.
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    I agree that the differentiation between a girl and boy is still there in some orthodox families but that is going to remain may be only till the present generation. Things are going to change drastically bringing more and more equality to the women.
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    In the logical legal non-discriminatory sense it is correct to say that In modern era it does not matter whether we have a son or a daughter. However there are emotional requirements to be satisfied. To play with little children both boys and girls is something which can please our mind. Such emotions are unexplainable. People experience them. Parents with boy and girl as children will feel definitely happy. The children will also know the brother-sister affection and relationship. But that does not mean that one should feel unhappy if one has only a boy or boys only. Also one should not feel unhappy if one has only a girl's child or only girl children.
    Children are God's gift to us. We should accept His gift without questioning whether male or female.

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    Today the distinction is slowly and gradually diminishing and we are going towards equality in these matters. Still in some villages and community this feeling is there mainly due to the menace of dowry.
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