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    Shun enmity extend heart of friendship

    Over the period of time we might have disliked so many people who were once the dearest friends of our circle and upon some wrong communication or small error on their part of behavior we might have discarded their friendship for ever. Now the life is uncertain and nor guaranteed , therefore it is imperative that we forget all the misgivings of those who behaved wrongly with us and try to extend the heart of friendship again so that everyone in our circle lives in peace and connected. We are not going to take anything with us so why should we nurture enmity.

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    A philosophical thread from the author. We cam alone here. We go alone back. We have not brought anything here when we born and we are not taking back anything with us anything. After our demise, people should remember us as good human beings. So unnecessary disputes and enmities are not required. To avoid such issues we can go to the maximum possible extent. But the other person also should have similar thoughts and feelings. Then only we can avoid enmity. If you go one foot forward, if the other person is going 2 feet bak we can't meet him forever. So both the parties involved should have the same intentions. Otherwise, our attempts will be futile.

    But we should try our maximum to avoid confrontations with others. We should say that we have no problem. Then we can leave the matter to the other person saying that he is always welcome. We should be like Yudhistatra but not like Duryodhana.

    Yudhishthira tried his best, against the will of his brothers and Draupadi, to avoid Kurukshetra. He extended his friendly hand to Duryodhana and showed his acceptance even for 5 villages to them. But Duryodhana never cared and always had a deaf ear for all noble advice. Ultimately many people died.

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    Former Prime Minister Smt Indira Ganshi said "Shed hatred, not blood". She was asking us not to keep hatred and enmity and asked us to forgo them shed them.
    If we keep hatred and enmity in our mind it is like burning embers. It slowly kills us by slow burning. Robert Faust said" The beauty of enmity is INSECURITY, but beauty of friendships is in its security".
    The Upanishads say that the real enemy is within us and not outside. The inner enemies are Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Maatsarya- desire, anger, greed, delusion, ego and arrogance, and jealousy.
    We should demolish these enemies inside us. Then we will not have any enemy outside.

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    Hate, enmity and feeling of revenge are having a strange character. More you adhere to them more pronounced they become. It is difficult to have a control on such feelings as they are a part of our natural instincts but being human having such a beautiful consciousness in us, it is our duty to suppress those feelings as far as possible and camouflage them far behind in the dark alley and keep our behaviour friendly and helpful to other human beings.
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