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    Guys, how are you managing your haircut

    In these trying times, one of the biggest no-no is a visit to the salon or barber shop. However, it has already been months that we have been trying to maintain social distancing and cutting short our visits outside the home, as far as possible. Unfortunately, our hair has no inkling of the pandemic that is raging outside on the streets. It has continued its growth with full glory. One month, two month, how long can you wait? Ultimately, you have to take a haircut, right?

    So, how are you managing, guys? Still going to the neighborhood barber shop or getting it cut by someone at home? Or did you purchase one of those fancy hair clippers from the online stores? Do recount your experiences, guys.

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    When I've to get my hair cut I can phone a known barber to come my home, if he is busy I myself go his home for hair cutting.

    It's not a big deal for us.

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    Don't you think it is too risky to go to his home at this time, when we have to maintain social distancing. Most barbers have been affected badly by the pandemic as people are wary of visiting the barber shops. Among my circle of friends, most are getting it done at their home itself by taking help of a family member.
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    Yes, it's really difficult for me to manage the hair now. I always trim it very short and now my hair has grown in such a way that I find it really heavy. A few of my friends are suggesting me to go out to a barbershop for a haircut but I am still avoiding it. Earlier, I thought of purchasing a hair clipper online but I am a bit confused after reading their descriptions. They are advertising them as hair clipper/trimmers but most of them turned out to be just a beard trimmer. I found one model that is definitely a hair clipper but do not know how good it would be. Till now I have not ordered it, but I think I have to order it at the earliest. I would also like to know if members can suggest some of the models of hair clipper that they found good.

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    In my home, I am the hairdresser for my husband and my husband is the hairdresser for my son. When I performed haircut for the first time, it was a blunder. Then we ordered hair trimmer online and now the job has become very easy for all of us. It is even safe to use and you can set the hair length in that as per your requirement.

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    As Covid-19 menace terrifying day by day, I find it is not at all safe for me to go to Saloon to have my hair cut. Actually I have the habit of maintaining my hair short I usually visit Saloon for a hair cut once in a month. I never go for shaving to the saloon as I regularly shave in my home. During lockdown bearing with heavy hair for some time, I myself trimmed my hair by a medium scissor that is available in my house. It relieved me the heaviness of grown hair but it appeared somewhat awkward in a hair cut. After one more month, I cut the hair again by slowly recollecting the procedure followed by the barber in the saloon. But this time I got hair cut in the right way and my family members saying it is good. So I continue this procedure till normalcy returns.

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    Yes. It is a real problem. Even though the barbershops are open we can't dare to go there. I got my hair cut done at the end of March at our native place. My father is having the kit and barber will come home do it and go. The same I got it done. Those days there were no cases in that area and cases are also very less. Already we are in July, Again hair has grown. My elder son helped me and he did the hair cutting to me. It is quite nice and no problem. For my son, his wife did the hair cut. As we are not going out and managing from home only, we need not worry that much how we appear if the hair cut is not done properly. That is why we can get it done in our house through someone from our house. That will be safe,
    My second son want to go to Tirupathi offer his hair to God there. So he is allowing into grow.

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    This corona has taught the lesson to mind self on many matters and that includes shaving and cutting. Though I made the cutting of hair before the lock down announced, I am not in urgency to do the full cutting of hair and doing spade work on my own. As far as my son is concerned , I am helping him out in cutting and he shaves himself on the trimmer. So there is no question of visiting the barber at this trying time, Even though he has been calling us and offering free visit to the home and serve, we are avoiding him at this corona spreading time. But many are facing the problem of hair cut and how they manage is the question to be ponder over.
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    It is really difficult to carry long hair. I had long hair during my college days but now, It is really tiring to have long hair due to hot weather, hair fall, hard water, dandruff, etc so itis better to have my hair cut short as itis easy to manage. Due to the lockdown, I one shaved my hair and that helped me to go for a long 3 months without a need for hair-cut. When there was relaxation, I got the hair-cut again and had cut it very short. Now that will help me to carry for another month. So I am managing my hair in this way.
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    In that aspect, I a really lucky guy. God has been merciful to me to lose my hair a bit, and the time taken to grow has been extended. Generally, I take haircut once in a quarter. Even if I don't take a haircut,it doesn't matter. I don't look awkward with little hair on my head.
    However, to pay the barber's due, I went to a barber with my own linen to wrap around. He sanitized my hand and his hand. Sanitized the chair. He performed haircut but refused to shave. So, I asked him to trim my beard.
    I am safe at home without any positive virus attack. If we are destined to be attacked by corona, even God won't help us.

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    I have done it before on others and even on myself occasionally and that skill has helped me out. The method is very simple as you have tp take scissors in one hand and from the other hand make a fist and catch your hairs tightly as a bundle and whatever coming out of the fist cut it. If you do it over the whole area you would find they your hair would look professionally cut and would look quite trim also. One can try that. Actually I have seen some barbers doing this way and learned the trick from them only. For the first time it would seem difficult but may be after 2-3 practice sessions one could do this favour to other family members if so required.
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    So it appears most of us are managing it at home itself. That's really cool considering that it is not very safe to venture to a barbershop. But, at the same time, it is very unfortunate that the barbershops and salons are losing business. Hope things get to normal soon and businesses could return to normalcy. Sankalan, since you have asked, let me assure you that the hair clippers are quite effective in doing their job. I too have got one, a Chinese brand, Kemei (that was before the antiChinese protests had started). Otherwise, Wahl is a good brand from the US. And thanks Padmini, your response was most unexpected, considering that the thread was meant for the not-so-fair sex.
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    I have not got my harcut since the lockdown. My side curls and back curls have grownand I look like a cartooncharacter when there is less oi on hair.

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    For the first time during lockdown my husband cut hair of my son and I cut his hairs with the help of a scissor. It was looking good. But thereafter we bought a hair trimmer and now the job is very easy and perfect. I think it is safe to avoid salons and cut hair at home these days.

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    We already have a trimmer at home and had tried trimming hair for our son before. But we are not happy about it. So, in two or three days, we visit salon to correct it. Bu during this lock down, I confidently tried cutting his hair. Even if something goes wrong, we have plenty of time to grow back the hair and correct it. After trying, I found it is not that bad as before. Then I tried for my husband. He too found it okay. In this 4 months of lock down, I did 2 times of haircut to my husband and son. The outcome is better both the time.

    I am happy that I can add hair cut as one of the skills that I developed during lock down.

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    That's great Dr Deepali Gangwar and Malini. The shutdowns have certainly helped in adding many new skills to our portfolio. Venkiteswaran Sir, you may ask a family member to help you with your curls.
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