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    What do you value the most

    It is not at all a tricky question. It is a straight forward one, and I am sure I will receive many answers for it. We all value many things in life. For example, our life is of great value. Some may answer family, relationships, are all that matters. For some, moral values are more important. For others, money, career and success matter a lot. Thus, there is something or the other thing that matters the most in life.

    In my opinion, time is the most valuable one but under looked. Yet, we hardly value it when it is present in abundance. When it is slipping from our hands, we realize its value and regret our deeds. No matter how powerful we are, we cannot bend it or mould it the way we want. We can neither increase its speed nor slow it down. It runs at its own pace. We have to decide if we have to lose it or save it. We can choose to rob it or get robbed by it.

    How do you all feel about time? Also, do answer what do you value most in life?

    It is an entry for A thread a day challenge contest.
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    As suggested by the author, time is the most valuable thing in this world that has to be utilized properly. But most of us waste time in different ways and in different activities. Other than these are practicing moral values and education is very important. Education is one kind of permanent property that cannot be stolen by anybody. This knowledge increases as we learn more and increases even as we share with others. The other thing is, life without moral values is useless. A person with high education without moral values is also useless. So I think these things are very valuable in everyone's life.

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    Time is invaluable, so we need to act according to time. It is not going to wait for anyone, so we must be very cautious regarding time management.

    Well, it is everyone's duty to value time, or else we will be losers. I am not good at managing time but try to work hard upon it. Other than time, I value relationships be it family or friends and the integrity of it. I give importance to the moral lessons I have learnt from childhood at home and in school, which keeps me going without any hesitation and repentance. I make mistakes, but I never refuse to accept the folly that has given me inner strength.


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    Time is indeed the most precious as it never returns. The lost time is lost forever and we need to value the time we have. It is also noted that many do not value the precious time and let it slip from their hand and by the time they realize its worth, it's late and gone. As time is valuable so also other factors like respect, family, relationship, confidence, money, love, nature, peace of mind, technology, knowledge, etc. The value of things changes as some may have time but his hand is empty, some have money but no friends or relations, some have a family but no love, some have love but no respect, some have respect but no knowledge, some may have knowledge but confidence, some have confidence but no technology, some have the technology but no peace of mind, etc. Everything is valuable and we need to value what we have at the right time as it is what value when used at the right time and not when it is not required or having everything but no life.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    The author is very correct. The time is very important to us. The time given to us is fixed. Time will never stop. The clock will be always moving only. We can't make that to stop. You can't get back the time you have lost yesterday and you can't utilise tomorrow's time today. So we should use it in a very proper way and see that we utilise our time in a useful way. Play with a child or sit with family members are also important. So the time spent with them can't be considered as waste.
    I know the importance of time and already advised all the members of ASC in my thread
    None of us should waste our time

    always confident

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    You are talking about' Time' with a philosophical mind. What is essentially required is Money. Time cannot help us in anyway, Our Money and wealth helps us to live. Earning of money matters a lot. For each and everything in life, money is primary, Rest everything is secondary. With money, we can get anything and everything that we want.

    At this old age, what I really value is my Pension on which I survive. If there is no Pension, I will have Tension. To live a tension free life, I value my pension.

    No life without Sun

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    I respect the time and those who respect the time. Time is the constant work doer and there is no question of pause or stopping. So we have to respect the time and be with the time. I am totally against those who disrespect time and does not keep the value of time. For example the trains would run at the designated time and those who fail to notice the same are giving inconvenience to others. I have noticed some families come running and catching the train and entering the wrong coach and causing inconvenience to the registered passengers and that would draw ire with many. These people would never understand the time and its value.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Time is the essence of everything and those who can manage and tame their time are the masters of their destiny. It is said that time and tide wait for none. It is true and we have to take advantage of it and do not waste time in unnecessary and futile activities. Understanding time and utilising it properly is no child's play. It is the most complex and mysterious entity in the universe.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Of course, being the only source available to every one in the world in same quantum, time is a unique resource. As it cannot be stored, transferred or recycled its optimum use is very imprtant. That is common to all.
    I value good character and reputation as the most valued asset I should possess. All good things can come if we have thes two.

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    I value cordial and good relations between people. We should avoid conflict and confrontations as they are the source for the stress in our life and we all know how bad the stress is for our health.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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