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    Do you still wear wrist watch? If yes, why?

    When I was in school, I bought my first wristwatch and I was very happy with getting that wristwatch. The wristwatch was used by almost every person to see the time. But now time has changed. People generally use mobile phones to see the time. Since we always use a mobile phone and it is easy to see the time on the mobile phone.

    Some people still use wristwatch. Though it may be for fashion. I do not use wristwatch now. I generally use mobile phone to see the time. Sometimes when I have to go to a party or in a wedding I use wristwatch as a fashion.

    Do you still use a wristwatch? If yes, then why? Please share your opinion in this thread.

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    I too remember my first wristwatch which was gifted to me, when I was in my school. During those days, wearing a wristwatch was a necessity as well as a style. I too was fond of it. Though I am not very fond of it now, I still wear it. The reason is that old habits don't bid goodbyes so easily. Also, I don't like to carry my mobile everywhere. I prefer wristwatch over mobiles.

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    No, nowadays I do not wear a wristwatch. The reason is whenever required I can get the accurate time from my mobile phone and since we all are used to carry a mobile device with us the use of a wristwatch has become limited somehow. But a wristwatch has some advantages. You have to take out your mobile device and tap it to see the time, whereas you can just lift your hand a little to see the time on a wristwatch. Also, it depends a lot on the type of job you do. If you do not have to look at the time frequently, I think it can be well managed by your mobile device.

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    I started wearing a wristwatch from my Degree classes onwards and from there I never stopped this habit. Many say at present there is no need for a wristwatch as there is mobile to see the time. Usually, we keep the mobile in the pocket and every time if we want time you have to take the mobile out of pocket and have to on the mobile to see. I find this a very disgusting process. If we wear a wristwatch we can easily know the time in a fraction of second at any time. So I never discontinue this habit.

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    I wear wristwatch daily, not to show off but out of my habit. Now even in lockdown, I am at home, I wear it. Since my childhood, I am fond of wearing this and because I wear it a full day, I avoid wearing delicate sophisticated watches. I do not use mobile for checking time. My mobile is having flip cover and it is troublesome to check time frequently. So I prefer to slightly twist my wrist and check the time on my wristwatch.

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    I had my first wristwatch when I was in my 7th class. My grandfather gifted me that watch. I used to feel proud to wear that. Those many 7th class students were not wearing wristwatches. So I used to wear that without fail. I purchased an imported wristwatch when I was in my intermediate. This I purchased with the small savings I did by saving the money gifted by relatives and family members. This is my second wristwatch in my life.
    My elder son gifted me a beautiful wristwatch he purchased with a portion of his first earning. That is my last wristwatch. These days I stopped using a wristwatch. Anywhere I go there will be a wall clock on the wall and I can see the time. If I am on move we will have I have a mobile with me and there is a clock in my car. So there is no problem in knowing the time and there is no necessity of having a wristwatch these days. These days not wearing a wrist is a fashion I think. No young man will have a watch on his wrist.

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    I am a wristwatch lover. The first wristwatch I bought was HMT sona, a flat watch with a gold frame. When one of my uncles saw this watch, he wanted it for his son. I gave it free. Again I bought an HMT Kohinoor. I lost it prior to my marriage. When I went for a river bath, I kept my watch on the river bank and went into the river for a bath. Someone who kept watching me have stolen that beautiful watch. Yet, I bought another HMT Sona. I presented it to my son, in turn, he presented to one of his friends.

    As of now, I have five good watches lying idle with me. They are good. Though the clock facility is available in my mobile, I always like to wear a watch in hand. My watch is my pride.

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    Before 1975 wearing watch was considered as a thing only for rich. When I was in 10th standard,we three, myself, Sekar and Ranganathan,a set used to have lunch jointly in a place outside the school. As Ranganathan among us coming from rich family wore watch and by that we aware our time to return to school after lunch. But that time I was never thought of asking watch in our house. But after passing my sslc, 11th standard, my father surprisingly bought and and gave a HMT winding watch(then the cost Rs.90). Though I have the habit of noting time in mobile now i used to wear that watch.

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