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    Problems, solutions and suggestions corner for School going children

    As ours is a purely educational portal I wish to bring before you a thread that helps the members to interact with each other about the various problems of school-going children. In our portal, there are members who belong to teaching faculty, members who are having school going children at present, members who are having experience of school-going children in the past, members who have the knowledge of school atmosphere at present. So all the members can interact in this discussion for the benefit of our portal and all the visitors to our site. I request every member you post the problems you faced with regard to school going children according to the category I mentioned above and the way that particular problem was solved. So these solutions may be helpful for all. Suppose a member denotes a particular problem with regard to school-going children and yet the solution not found also can be brought out here and so that others can give some good suggestions to solve the problem. Hope all the members post at least one problem you faced and the way the solution you got for it or even the problems you are facing with regard to school-going children.

    This is my 10th July thread in response to ISC 13th Birthday contest
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    There may be many show are having school going children. Exchange of problems for solution is a worthy suggestion. I have seen some doubts being asked i AE section and in forum too sometimes

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    Mr.Venkateswarian, please mention any one of well known and worth mentioning problem
    you came across and the good solution you know here so that everyone can be benefited.

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    During this lockdown period, it is really tough task for school-going children. I one of my friend's son is also a school going, child. He forgot to take further admission into college due to this lockdown schedule. He thought that the Class 12 exams will be over by March and the result will be published earlier. The entrance exams will be conducted on a scheduled date and time, but everything has gone in a drastic manner due to COVID 19 pandemic. Many of the students have forgotten to take admission into colleges, as only Management and NRI seats are available. For taking Admission into Merit seats one must qualify for Entrance Examination. Due to increasing COVID 19 cases, it will be difficult for the government to schedule the Exam and announce results. I suggest the government to prepare a list depending upon the marks given in Class 12 and prepare a list according to it.
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    Really, it is very tough time for school- going children during this lockdown. I noticed that school -going children getting bore staying at home. Since lock down started, their all activities has stopped. Now, they are being irritate and stubborn. They are forgetting their studies. Everywhere online classes has started for them but they are not taking interest. So many health issue has created. Children' eyesight has tremendously affected due to online classes. So some states like A.p, karnataka made an announcment to ban over online classes for primary section.
    school -going children should make engage in indoor games like chess, carrom,squash so that they may not feel bore. They should make engage in craft work also. Moreover, if old person is there in family then they can have fun with them like story telling, singing etc. Parents should teach their children regularly so that they don't be backward in studies.

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    There are many problems that students and teachers face every day. Many are solved and many are buried and some are carried forward as usual.
    1. There were times when updates of school activities were not given to parents but now as every school is having their own class Whatsapp group, get updates have become easy and even contacting other class students during the absence or missed class can be covered.
    2. Many schools increase fees every year and when asked, they give very weird answers, now as you have PTA, every parent gets updates and can provide inputs about each circular.
    3. Many students would not tell about homework at home but now due to the chat group, the parents can get information about each activity like homework, syllabus or portion for the test, exam dates easily.
    4. Earlier, many students would bunk their class and the parents wouldn't know and the next day, they would give any vague excuses but now, any such activities are immediately informed to parents from school, so parents and students are well aware and do not follow bunking of class.

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