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    When Mr Horrendous came to our rescue!

    It was really a critical problem and I was working with a few of my colleagues for a long time. We boarded the ship early in the morning with a hope of solving the issue by afternoon but it was getting more complex. The language created some barrier too. The crews were not Indian and most of them couldn't speak English. It's only the Captain who knew English and cooperating with us whenever he was getting some time. He was jovial and liked to do things himself many times rather than instructing others. I think he somehow understood the complexity of the problem and at times tried to make the atmosphere lighter by being humorous. It's a kind of energy that keeps you involved when things are not going in your way. The captain was telling us some stories also when his ship was stuck in the middle of the sea and ultimately had to be rescued by the Coast Guard team. He told how the ship averted a mishap. He used the term horrendous to describe the nature of the mishap and said if the critical problem we are trying to fix is not resolved it may really face a horrendous mishap anytime. He used the word horrendous a couple of times and we understood how terrible things can happen if you do not remain conscious when the weather is rough. When we were about to call it a day late in the afternoon another engineer from a different company entered to fix the apparatus he dealt with. I knew the person since we were working in the same field. After he did something in his apparatus our machine suddenly started behaving normally. We were really surprised and after a little analysis found that the feed from his apparatus that used to enter our machine was faulty in its format and since he rectified that fault everything started working normally.

    The captain was very relaxed and asked the name of that engineer. His name was Mr Haren Das. It's a Bengali name and if you quickly pronounce both the name and surname it will exactly sound like horrendous. Since the captain was not an Indian he pronounced it in that way and started to laugh loudly. He was laughing so loudly that many crews gathered in front of him. He himself said to all of us "See how Mr Horrendous saved us from a possible horrendous mishap". Before this incident, I never thought that the name and surname in combination can sound just like another meaningful word.

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    For the first time in this ongoing a thread a day challenge contest, the author chose to bring humor through this post and I got totally relaxed on reading the above content.
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    My story. Once onboard a ship. The ship had many crews. Inside the ship, in a narrow gangway, while the captain was passing through, a sailor happened to dash against the Captain. The Captain said, "Dhyaan kither hai, beta". The sailor misunderstood and said, "Okay sir," and went inside the living compartments and asked, " Who is Dhyaan ? Captain wants to see him." Having found no Dhyan in that ship, the sailor went back to the Captain and said, " Sir, there is no one by name Dhyaan." The Captain laughed and said, "No beta, I said where was your Dhyaan, where was your mind, your concentration." The sailor felt bad for not knowing good Hindi.
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    A good story. I experienced such pronunciations many times. When we deal with foreigners, we feel that their pronunciation is always peculiar. It will take some time to understand their pronunciation. When they come to India and when we sit with for lunch or dinner the way they pronounce our dishes we will feel like laughing. They find it very difficult to pronounce our Indian names and especially the typical south Indian names.
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    The experience shared by Sun @#703150 is hilarious. There are many such things happen at times and what DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao @#703152 said is very true. Not only foreigners we can find such differences when we go to other places where people have no idea about the food we take daily.

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    Nice story with detailed information. It is difficult to understand when we go toa foreign place and we cannot expect what type of food is available in that country. Some of them will be difficult to adjust to their food habits. This kind of story can happen for any people.
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    Nice story by author. Really many times we come across such situations. It can be happen at any place in foreign countries and even in India also because of lingual diversity.

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    I know some of my friends who go to the ships time and again for their jobs there. They tell us the hazards and challenges on the ship that are encountered especially in a bad weather. This thread has rekindled those narrations.
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    There are many such things like this, experienced by the members from time to time. Members can always share some funny incidents related to similar pronunciation in their replies.

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