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    Always see a problem as an opportunity

    We all will be undertaking many tasks in our life. Some we may be able to complete successfully without any difficulty or problem. That is good and we all feel happy and proud that we are able to complete the job.

    But some times we may face many hurdles in completing the task. We should not lose our confidence by seeing those hurdles. These hurdles are not the end of the world. We should take them as a chance for us to learn. Take that as an opportunity to learn. Remember that we can't get the shape of Iron the way we want unless otherwise it is heated to red hot. Never look at the problem as a big problem. Break it into smaller problems so that you can finish off all small problems and you can complete the task.

    As long as you are in your comfort zone you can't grow in your career. Once you step out of your comfort zone and starting working there and convert that zone also as a comfort zone.

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    I am also of the opinion that we must face each problem with gusto and with same energy so that every problem be converted into a new opportunity. What is the use of life when there is only enjoyment and no tricky situation or no problems. Problems would bring in varied way of trying the solutions and people get to know the new way of overcoming the same problem than others and thus a new experience is learned out of given opportunity. For example this lock down has taught the lesson of living with what we have and that kind of carrying on with adjustments has given the biggest satisfaction.
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    If life goes peacefully without any problems we never think in a creative way. If any problem arises and if we got terribly troubled then we start to sharpen our mind. We try to find some best possible solution to overcome the trouble. In that process, we learn so many life skills that will make us stronger to face any further problems. An individual's caliber can be estimated only when the individual averts the tough problems of life successfully.

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    Only by exercise we can strengthen our muscles. Only by facing problems we can become more efficient experienced and confident. When we face problems we have to find solutions. That will give us to find a better solution than any existing solutions or to find a totally new solution if there is no solution existing. So it gives us an opportunity to excel and achieve. In career these become great opportunities to reach heights.

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    In the way of success impediments emerge out of blue- quite unexpectedly- absolutely unwanted but they are inevitable and until they are removed or cast aside no further progress is possible.
    How to cope with them could be a big question. Well chalked out planning, positive thinking, gut and grit and last but not the least which I never forget - suggestions of my well wishers, my own people who love me and want to see me succeed.

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    I agree with the author that problems should not be viewed as obstacles but as the opportunities which will teach us life lessons and play an important role in our progress. If we get scared and stop trying, we may never reach where we want to reach. If we keep complaining of the problem, we can see it growing day by day. Instead, shift the focus from the problem to finding a solution and soon we can see many doors opening around it. All that is required is to shift the attention and take one step at a time.

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    To be successful in our life, one must come out from the comfort zone and must take challenging tasks to overcome this pandemic. We have seen people in a certain period, they always lie to their comfort zone and will not learn or update their career profile. Such people will have struggles in life. Find opportunities in every challenging task and must show our managers that we are capable of doing such tasks in our future. Try to be active with every people and have a communication always to network with more people. The business will increase and our role will get more attention to it. Try to be confident in all the work you do, so success will step at your door step.
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