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    Where was 'Idli' originated ?

    Idli, the famous south Indian dish, is claimed to be originated in Tamilnadu or Karnataka. I was searching on internet about idli and found some strange facts that this well known food item in south India wasn't originated by locals and where it was originated I found two different opinions of food experts. First opinion attributed it to a Hindu king ruled over some part of Indonesia got idli originated but according to another opinion idli was introduced by Arab traders who brought it with them when they visited south Indian states centuries ago. Their dish was liked by local people but over the time local people introduced some other ingredients in idli and began to prepare it in different tastes.

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    From where the Idli has been originated is not the question to be asked but invariably every South Indian house has the dish of Idli every morning or evening. So to my knowledge 8 crore of South Indian families spread across the four states and elsewhere are fond of Idli and I bet no other dish is so preferred and served every day morning with chutney and the sambar. Even the doctors would recommend idli the only food be served to the patients recovered from the surgery or disease. Such is the power of Idli and no one gets bored by eating idli daily and therefore I rate Idli the world famous.
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    I wil not comment on controversy about "Idli" being of Indian origin or Arabian origin. Because I believe Idli is very much of an Indian culture part.

    But still, i would like to add a very true statement about origin of idli. "Idli is originated in a very creative mind of a very intelligent lady."

    I am quite sure about my statement because of the very particular steps involved in the recipe of idli. The proportion of Rice grains and Urad gram, the time for soaking, coarse or fine grinding, time for steaming, all of these affect the quality of an idli. So the first lady who invented the sequence and recipe of this popular dish definitely deserves lot of respect.

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    Idly is a dish made of rice and dal. This cannot be originated from any other country other than India. Also, I strongly feel that if it was a foreign origin, it could be from Italy, the name matches with Idl with very little difference in sound and spelling. Idly is a good dish that contains rice and dal which is carbs and protein. But to really taste the idly, one should visit Tamilnadu where we find idli like Jasmine, that is taken like Halwa, I mean very light. Idlies of other states would be like stone cakes.We might need a knife to cut and eat. Idly goes well with Chutney, Sambhar and chilly powder.
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    I agree with Deepti Shriram Madam. Definitely it should be a finding from a lady and who is a housewife. The world's best breakfast might have been created by a lady cook who was having a very creative mind. My wife makes a very good tasty idli and sambar for dinner sometimes. She says the ground material should not be used immediately to make idlis. She says that should be stored overnight so that idli will have a good taste. Healthy and safe food for all. It will get digested easily and makes you ready for your lunch very early if you have idli as your breakfast.
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    Wikipedia saying Idli preparation was started and perfected by the kings of Karnataka in the ancient times. Instead of rice, using Idly Ravva makes the Idly tastier. If little yeast powder is added to the batter and the batter was kept stored overnight after its preparation gives nice soft, spongy idly. The batter should not be used immediately after its reparation. Idly is considered to be healthy food by doctors as it contains useful bacteria that help in our digestion process. As it is not an oily product and contains required amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber and so is considered to be healthy food for breakfast.

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